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Ketchikan Borough Election
OCTOBER 01, 2019

Hilary Kvasnikoff

Candidate for Ketchikan School Board
1 Year Term - 1 Seat To fill


Filed for Office: August 16, 2019
Statement Received August 27, 2019
Published August 27, 2019 AM
Last Updated: August 27, 2019

I believe we have made progress in rebuilding trust and increasing transparency with our school board, and with my election I seek to continue building trust and confidence in our school board to meet our community’s educational needs, and it is because of this passionate belief that I have decided to run for school board.

jpg Hilary Kvasnikoff 

Candidate for Ketchikan School Board 2019

I am a mother of two girls who are currently enrolled with the school district. With my youngest entering her first year of school, I strive to make an impact from my standing in the community as a lower income parent for my household size. I am aware of some of our issues in dealing with budget cuts and quality of current faculty and board members, and how we will strategize for generations to come. I value the education my girls are receiving in the district, and as a parent and an active member of the community, want to continue to fight for changes and raise a voice for parents and members of the community who feel they cannot speak on their own.

I grew up between two households, the village of English Bay and here in Ketchikan. With this split educational background, I feel I was not given enough resources and information to finish high school and obtain my diploma along with my classmates. Splitting my time meant it was difficult to be on the right path to graduating with my class on-time. I am proud to say I obtained my General Education Diploma from UAS, and my wish in running for school board is that no youth will feel the regret I had in not being able to find the help or resources to make educational decisions.

When I was a young parent and my oldest daughter started school, I did not understand I would be involved or how I could have a say in her education. Now that she is older and I became more involved in her education, I have a better understanding of the system and want to be a voice for parents who feel they don’t have a voice. I am currently working at Ketchikan Indian Community as an Employment Support Specialist in the Education and Training Department. I am employed with Ketchikan Indian Community, and this application is in no way connected with my employment with the Tribe nor will I represent the Tribe should I be elected through this work. I am able to work in many facets of education, including our summer youth employment program, Tribal Scholars Program, and our Back to School Backpack event. It is so wonderful to see the youth excited for school and to know that they have the best intentions for the upcoming year. It is up to us as a community and board to ensure we give them all an equal opportunity to learn and succeed.

We as a small but growing community have the responsibility to all of our youth, especially those like myself, who firsthand did not get the fair opportunity to seek all resources and information for succeeding in school. I am running to be the voice for people who do not feel strong enough, or do not have the capability, to speak up on issues that arise within our school district. My hope is to advocate for a fair and transparent board, and to make sure people within the community will see we have strong advocates who are always willing to listen and hear the concerns of what will be decided on.

For the last three years I have flourished with a passion to encourage and build up our youth, no matter what walks of life they have come from. I am grateful to have the opportunity to run for School Board this year. I am hopeful for your votes, to build trust and confidence for the children of our future.



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