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Ketchikan Borough Election
OCTOBER 03, 2017

Glen Thompson

Candidate for the Ketchikan School Board
3 Year Term - 2 Seats Open


Filed for Office: August 21, 2017
Statement Received September 20, 2017
Published September 21, 2017

Hello, my name is Glen Thompson, and I’m running for School Board in the 2017 election because I believe I have the experience to do the job and do it right. Education is the foundation of Ketchikan, just as it is in any other community. That’s why it is important to have a School Board member who can hit the ground running on day one, and I believe I can do just that.

jpg Glen Thompson 

Candidate for the Ketchikan School Board


My passion is serving our great community. I’ve had the incredible honor of serving four terms on the Ketchikan Borough Assembly, for a total of 12 years of service on that body. While on the Assembly, education has always been “Job One” for me. The success of our students is the most important thing a public servant can advocate for, and that has been my priority.

I helped lead both our Assembly and School Board to the point where we could set aside our ideological and philosophical differences in order for us to come together as a team to make unbiased, pragmatic decisions that were right for our students and our community; and that’s what we did. We created quality, innovative solutions that fostered tremendous success in our School District.

I also have nearly four decades in private sector experience as a successful entrepreneur and finance executive, as well as numerous other community service roles. At various times I’ve served on the Boards for the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce, Ketchikan Visitor’s Bureau, Ketchikan Library, UAS-Ketchikan Community Advisory Council, and Southeast Conference.


Throughout my time as a public servant, I’ve developed a reputation for being honest, straightforward, and principled. The truth is not always convenient, or popular, but it’s our job as public servants to be truthful above all else. My record shows that I’ve always taken this approach, because our community deserves nothing less than complete honesty. Even people who disagree with me acknowledge that I am a sincere man of my word.

My promise to the people I serve has always been trustworthiness and honor. This election it’s the promise that I’m making again, because it’s the promise that I’ve solemnly upheld over the years as a community leader.


From my tenure on the Assembly, I consider my greatest achievement to be the enactment of a local funding formula for local schools that guarantees an efficient system of sustainable, stable revenue for Ketchikan’s School District. I was proud to have spearheaded that effort because it provided the school district with the means to adequately fund the quality education system that we have in Ketchikan, and to build healthy reserves for times of uncertainty; currently, there is approximately $3 million is that reserve account. This local funding mechanism is the only one of its kind in all of Alaska.

As an Assemblyman, I’ve developed creative and revolutionary policies and concepts that have been effective in advancing the best interests of our community. The future of Ketchikan is too important for us to get caught up in business-as-usual. We have to be visionaries to achieve success. I’m proud to support diverse, dynamic educational programs and opportunities in our School District. These types of programs enable students to really thrive and achieve personal success.

As a School Board, we must do everything we can to foster an environment in our School District that encourages individual performance. A one-size-fits-all style of education is not effective, as we’ve seen with recent research. We should meet students where they are in their life and education, and encourage individual growth in a manner that works for each student. That’s where we will find true educational achievement in all students.

I’m running for School Board because this is the type of leadership I want to bring to the table. I’m a problem-solver, dedicated to the future of our students. I know how to bring people together for the good of our community. My #1 priority on the School Board will be to preserve and expand the quality of our Schools in Ketchikan.

I believe that my experience, integrity, and innovation are assets that I can use to benefit our students and community as a member of the School Board and I ask for your vote on October 3. For more info and campaign news, see my Facebook page!


  • 3/13 – Present ~  Comptroller, Ward Cove Group, Ketchikan
  • 1/03 to 4/13   ~  General Manager, Alaska Pacific Environmental Services, LLC, Juneau
  • 1/02 to 12/02 ~  Director, Ketchikan Small Business Development Center (UAA/SBA), Ketchikan
  • 3/99 to 12/01 ~  District Manager, SE Alaska, Waste Management, Inc. (WMI), Juneau
  • 9/92 to 2/99   ~  Vice President/CFO, Tongass Sanitation, Inc., Ketchikan
  • 9/94 to 2/99   ~  Vice President/CFO, Southeast Construction, Inc., Ketchikan
  • 9/94 to 5/00   ~  Vice President/CFO, Bottled Water Express, Inc., Ketchikan
  • 3/92 to 8/99   ~  Manager, Turbotech (CATTS) Computer Services, Ketchikan
  • 2/90 to 3/92   ~  Controller & CFO, Ketchikan Shipyard, Inc., Ketchikan
  • 1/89 to 1/90   ~  VP Production, Northgate Computer Systems, Inc., Plymouth, MN
  • 3/87 to 1/89   ~  Timber Accountant/Controller, Seley Corporation, Ketchikan
  • 3/81 to 3/87   ~  Sr. Field Office Manager, J.A. Jones Construction Company, Charlotte, NC
  • 7/80 to 3/81   ~  Office Manager, Peter Kiewit Sons Construction, Omaha, NE


  • Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly, 4 terms; 2004-2010, 2011-Present
    • Key Positions:
      • Vice Mayor
      • Co-Chair, School Board Liaison Committee
      • Chair, 2016 Borough Manager Search Committee
      • Joint City-Borough Liaison Committee
      • Planning Liaison and Economic Development Advisory Committee
      • Local Emergency Planning Committee
      • Investment Advisory Committee
  • Ketchikan Charter Commission, Chair, 2003


  • Southeast Conference, former Board Member, 2013-2016
  • Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce, former Board Member
  • Ketchikan Visitor’s Bureau, former Board Member
  • Ketchikan Community Advisory Council (UAS), former Board Member
  • Ketchikan Library Board, former Board Member
  • Juneau: Mayor’s Bear Advisory Committee, former Member


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