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October 04, 2016
Ketchikan Borough Election

Write-In Kevin Johnson

Candidate for the Ketchikan School Board
3 Year Term - 2 Seats Open

Write-In Candidate
Statement Received September 18, 2016
Published September 18, 2016

jpg Kevin Johnson
Write-In  Candidate for the Ketchikan School Board
Kevin Johnson
Candidate for the Ketchikan School Board
3 Year Term - 2 Seats Open

(SitNews) - Write-In Kevin Johnson

I am excited about getting an opportunity to represent the members of our community in the upcoming school board election. My wife introduced me to Ketchikan, Alaska 22 years ago as I came up with her to work during the summer. Melissa is a third generation graduate of the Ketchikan Public School System. Melissa and I have three beautiful children and two are actively attending school in the district. Our oldest son has recently graduated from Ketchikan High School and is attending college in California. I have been very fortunate to take advantage of many opportunities this Southeast Alaskan environment offers.

I have been actively involved in public school education for over 20 years as a teacher, parent, athletics coach and administrator. I have served on many different advisory boards that dealt with issues of equality and finance. I spent the first 7 years of my teaching career in the Ketchikan Public School System. Ketchikan Public Schools are unique and present a set of challenges that most do not understand when it comes to the relationship between the community and school district. During those years I worked with some wonderful educators who were aspiring to be the most excellent in the profession, thank you. I have a tremendous grasp on the idea of do more with less. I was active and on the front lines during some of the lowest funded years the education system endured nationally. I strongly value being proactive and seeking innovative ways to overcome barriers to success.

My platform is simple as I care about the students and people that make-up our diverse community. Great communities create great schools which create successful people. We need to constantly evaluate our school system to make sure it is a reflection of what our community represents.

I do look forward to implementing concurrent enrollment at the high school for students who are eligible to take college level courses. I would like to create new diverse partnerships in the community to help enrich the curriculum our school system offers. I strongly feel it is vital that the curriculum we offer is connected to the demographic make-up of Ketchikan.

I hope that you vote for me and please remember to write my name down and fill in the oval.

Kevin Johnson


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This is the 14th year, Sitnews has provided FREE web exposure to all local Ketchikan candidates to provide information for consideration by their constituents.

  1. Local candidates are invited by SitNews to provide for their constituents' consideration basic background information, experience and qualifications for the public office for which they seek.
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  4. Email to by September 15, 2016 (Deadline because absentee voters may vote as early as 15 days prior to the Borough election: absentee in person, absentee by mail, or by electronic transmission.)


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