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Dick Coose

Candidate for Ketchikan City Council
3-year term - Two Seats Open


Published: September 25, 2010
Received: September 24, 2010

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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: INFRASTRUCTURE: ACCOUNTIBILITY:My highest priority is to promote the economic well being of Ketchikan. A strong diverse economy with stable family jobs and businesses is the foundation of our quality community. Healthy businesses and good jobs sustain the quality of our community. I am committed to strengthening our community's economy by promoting city policies and actions that support local businesses and attract new business to our community. This means holding the line on taxes and regulations. We need quality, well maintained infrastructure to attract and keep these businesses, jobs and families in Ketchikan.

The Council must have a vision and set the policy for the future of Ketchikan's economy, physical and social infrastructure (water, sewer, roads, library, fire and police, etc). The community's economy can be strengthened by promoting city policies, planning, actions, and accountability that supports local business and attracts new business to our community. Ask yourself the question, where are your children and grandchildren going to be if there are not quality year round family wage jobs in Ketchikan? JOBS

A cooperative relationship must be established between the City and Borough. They must work together to encourage economic and amenity development. We need to work as a community team.

I support all segments of our current or potential industries (tourism, fishing, maritime industry, timber, and mining. Strong continuing support is needed for new and developing industries; the shipyard, in Ward Cove, on Gravina Island. More support for the commercial fishing industry is needed.

CITIZEN PARTICIPATION: Citizens must feel they can freely offer their opinions and believe they have been heard. As an elected official I work for the public, not myself. I do listen to your issues and concerns. Constituents pay for local government and should be treated as the valued customers of municipal services. Government must provide these services effectively, efficiently, and be held accountable.

Alaska has been my home for the past 30 years, residing in Ketchikan for 23 years. I am married and have two daughters, five grandchildren, and a great granddaughter, all living in Ketchikan. I previously served two terms on the Borough Assembly, and one year on the Ketchikan Borough Planning Commission. I am a member of the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce and served on the board and as President. I am an officer in the Ketchikan Lions Club (a member for 45 years), and I have served as the Lions coordinator for Ketchikan's 4th of July celebration for the past eleven years. In April 1994 I retired from the US Forest Service with 33 years of service. I have served as the Executive Director of C.A.R.E. since it was organized in April 1996.

I have the experience, leadership skills, honesty, and personal integrity to represent you as a member of the Ketchikan City Council.

I would appreciate your vote, please vote on October 5, 2010.


VOTE - DICK COOSE - Ketchikan City Council


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