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Alan Bailey

Ketchikan Borough Assembly
3-year terms - Two Seats Open


Published: September 24, 2010
Received: September 23, 2010

jpg Alan Bailey

I hope to be plain spoken in my attempt to convey why I am seeking your support for Assembly this October 5,  2010. While I understand the need to develop infrastructure in any growing economy,  I am concerned with spending patterns which could result in enormous debt that benefit few,  increase taxes in any form, and depend upon reserves for balancing a budget. The borough budget is like our checkbook,  we have money for essentials most of the time and need to save for a day when we are faced with an unexpected expense. We plan carefully for the future.  Most of us balance our needs and wants. I pledge to be a good steward of our funds.  
Creating an environment that welcomes businesses, reduces financial liabilities, and promotes local sustainable employment is an obtainable goal. I believe the development of the Mari culture industry has great merit, promoting the building of State ferries in Ketchikan is needed, and  diversification of our economy base is essential in light of the fluxuating revenues from the tourism industry. I have not forgotten  the effect of the Pulp Mill closure to this community. No easy answers, but I possess the willingness, drive and commitment to seek solutions through public input.
Education and the appropriate funding of the educational budget is one area I will be a strong advocate.  I have a lifetime of experiences  working with people who have not benefited from completing basic educational requirements. It is the one thing we can offer our children that will provide choices in their life. I am also an advocate of accountability and  any request for funding must be reasonable, justified, and all funding sources transparent. I do not believe in government micro management of the schools but we all have the right to ask tough questions when the outcome of our efforts is unclear.
Expanding the power grid to meet the electricity needs of our community, support training programs that create job skills for future employment in Ketchikan, creating a cooperative environment between agencies and governments to better serve the residents of Ketchikan are but a few steps towards the basic infrastructure necessary to develop sustainable jobs for our community. 
For me, Ketchikan is a place where cultural diversity is valued, people are celebrated for their accomplishments, and support systems exist for varied needs of our community. I will honor your vote by  pledging my commitment to detailed study of all issues before the Borough Assembly,  speak on behalf of  balance and  reason,  seek alternative solutions to costly proposals,  and earn your trust that I am serving you to the best of my ability.

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