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Peter R. Ellis

Candidate for Ketchikan City Council
3-year term - Three Seats Open


Published: September 29, 2008
Received: September 29, 2008

jpg Peter R. Ellis

I grew up in Ketchikan, attended grade school at White Cliff then high school at Main. Following graduation, spent the summer and helped start the pulp mill construction working on a wagon drill at Ward Cove. I then departed for Oregon State in Corvallis on an NROTC scholarship transferring to the University of Washington for my sophomore year and graduated with a BA in Political Science. My Naval Aviation career commenced in the fall of 1956 at Pensacola and continued at Corpus Christi for 9 months of advanced training receiving my wings in the spring of 1958. My first duty station was at Alameda, California where I was assigned to an AD Skyraider squadron departing on the Midway for a nine month cruise to the Orient in July of 1959.

I met Roz Oliver, a teacher in California, and we were married in June, 1959. I returned to Ketchikan in June, 1960 when I commenced flying for Ellis Airlines. With the merger of Ellis Airlines with Alaska Coastal in 1962, I enrolled at Hastings College of Law, part of the University of California, in San Francisco.

In 1964 I went to work with Chuck Cloudy in the Ziegler Cloudy office, was admitted to the Alaska Bar in 1965, became a partner in 1966 and then left to start my own practice in 1968.

We have three children living or working locally and seven grandchildren. Offices are at 1285 Tongass Avenue and home at 851 Forest Avenue.

I have previously served on both the Ketchikan City Council and the Borough Assembly, and jointly, commencing in 1969. I have written a number of commentaries on various matters written for Sitnews with Ketchikan Daily News letters done over the years. With regard to the Alaska Bar Association I spent 3 years on it's Board of Governors and was pleased with becoming more acquainted with the Anchorage area and it's legal community.


SEASONAL SALES TAX LEVIES so that residents contribute less during the winter months from November through March with a reduced sales tax of 4% or less.

REAL PROPERTY TAX REVENUE CAPS so that the City and Borough need to budget within their prior year revenues as affected by cost of living changes and not from higher assessment values.

SALES TAX SEASONAL EXEMPTIONS during the winter months with no sales tax on groceries and furnace oil from November until March.

SALES TAX FULL MAXIMUM LEVY on all sales from April through October to be taxable without single sale tax deductions.

KPU RESIDENT OWNERSHIP AND DIVIDEND treatment of excess revenues as an offset against electrical and telephone charges.

KPU MANAGER POSITION EVALUATION and consideration of a separate full time manager and KPU advisory board with decisional authority.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT VIDEO PRODUCTION IMPROVEMENT as to broadcasting of all local government and organization presentations and on both KPU and GCI from a central community meeting center with multiple cameras.

HEAD TAX REVENUE USE MAXIMIZATION so that head tax proceeds are audited and analyzed to ensure that the Borough and City receive maximum entitlement share and are able to spend the same in accordance with minimum supervision and regulation.

LIBRARY USE ELECTRONIC ENHANCEMENT so that programs are introduced to educate, train and otherwise inspire all to pursue access to the internet through readily available connections.

CONVENTION INVITATION SOLICITATION throughout Alaska and elsewhere to attract the greatest potential convention attendance during the winter months.

PLAZA TO DOWNTOWN SHUTTLE for free and paid for out of cruise passenger head tax revenues with charges only for travel outside downtown area destinations.

ANNUAL STREET SIGNAGE EVALUATION AND UPDATING so that traffic bottlenecks and routing plans are analyzed and perfected to the greatest degree possible.

SALES TAX EXEMPTION FOR PRINCE OF WALES SENIORS who purchase exemption cards for a moderate price and in order to afford them substantially equal purchasing rights.

KPU ELECTRICAL RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT of Mahoney, Whitman and eventually Thomas Bay power generation potentials with a B.C. connection.

KPU ELECTRICAL RATE RESIDENTIAL USE COST REDUCTIONS so that residential users are charged at lower rates than business or other commercial users.

UTILITY RATE CHARGE REVIEW to ensure that rates are adjusted as revenues result in paying for capital investments required.


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