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Ginny Clay

Candidate for Ketchikan School Board 2007
Three-Year Term

September 11, 2007

jpg Ginny Clay

My name is Ginny Clay and this is my second run for the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School Board. I am 39 years old and have lived in Ketchikan most of my life. I am a 1986 graduate of Kayhi. I am married and have two boys in the school district. Glen is in 10th grade at Kayhi and Ian is in 6th grade at Point Higgins. I work at Tongass Substance Screening as the office manager and a phlebotomist (I collect blood for lab testing). I love Ketchikan and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to be a part of the community and raise my family here.

For many years I have volunteered in the Ketchikan Little League as a board member and the Boy Scouts of America, as a Cub Scout Leader and Committee Chairman for Pack #3 and a committee member for Troop #4. In additon to those organizations, I am involved in March of Dimes, the Community Health Fair, PEO and many other volunteer events. Being a volunteer is an important part of my life and I hope that my example inspires others to serve.

I am very excited about what is happening in Ketchikan right now! We have the opportunity to ensure that our children go out into the world with an education that will take them anywhere! We have a wonderful school community, that has many new additions, who have new ideas and diverse ways of leading and teaching, that will compliment our more experienced staff. Our schools are wonderful communities that promote and encourage family and friendship.

My goals for the School Board, in no particular order:

  • To ensure that we continue to improve our reading scores across the district. I belive reading is the key to all education, and we need to make sure kids learn to read proficiently at a younger age.
  • The drop out rate. My job revolves around people getting jobs, and unfortunately there are a lot of drop outs who can't get them for lack of education. This is a serious concern. We need to make sure our kids want to stay in school.
  • Parent Participation. Parent involvement from pre-school to highschool is essential. How do we get more parents involved, thinking about and encouraging their children's education?
  • Of course the budget. Watching what we are spending and using what we have wisely. Making sure that we are funded to the fullest extent, by working with state and local government.

Being on the School Board will be an challenge that I know I am up for. I feel that I will bring a new perspective and a fresh outlook and that I will make a difference. You can always contact me via email at I value the thoughts and opinions of the community and look forward to hearing from you.

~Ginny Clay



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