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Dave Lieben

Candidate for Ketchikan School Board 2007
Three-Year Term

September 15, 2007
Received September 13, 2007

jpg Dave Lieben

Thank you for taking the time to read this! My name is Dave Lieben, I'm currently the School Board President, and I'm running for re-election.

I'm the owner of First City Computer Services, we do web site design, and buy and sell used computers. I published the local news web site from 1999 to 2001. I'm just finishing my fourth summer of driving a tour bus for Princess Tours. I'm a stay-at-home dad on the days when my lovely wife Katrina works, she is a nurse in the OB department at Ketchikan General Hospital. My son Danny is in first grade at Tongass School, and my daughter Sara is in pre-school at Fawn Mountain. I'm 48 years old, but I only look 47.

I've been involved with many volunteer organizations, including Revilla Island Prevention Coalition (Treasurer), Forest Service Resource Advisory Committee, Ketchikan Outdoor Recreation and Trails Coalition (Vice President, Treasurer, Activity Coordinator, etc.), HATS (tutor), KRBD (on-air volunteer), among others. I've also been a weekly helper in both of my children's classrooms, I really love working with children.

This last year has certainly been a challenging one, and I feel that I did a good job as president. Through the difficult decision to make a change in leadership, through the challenging process of selecting a new Superintendent, I've made sure that all voices were heard, and that all viewpoints were considered. I feel that I've made some progress in getting the board to work together better, and to not micro-manage the district. One of the difficult things about being on the School Board is learning that it's not the board's job to run the district. We hire the superintendent, whose job it is to run the district.

I feel that I've done a good job of looking at every issue objectively, and considering all sides. I like to think of myself as the "Sandra Day O'Connor" of the board, the crucial swing vote who sometimes votes with the liberal wing, and sometimes votes with the conservative wing, based on what's best for our children. I hope everyone in the community feels that they can call me and tell me what they think, and feels that I will listen to them, and consider their thoughts.

Every day that Mr. Boyle has been Superintendent, I've felt more strongly that the board made the right decision to go in a new direction in our leadership. Mr. Boyle has been enthusiastic, and is not afraid of making changes to try to address some of the problems facing the district. He truly wants ALL our students to be successful. I think it's an exciting time in our schools. We have a great group of principals, great teachers and staff, many parents who are very involved in their children's education, and students who want to learn. We are implementing our strategic plan. We're addressing the dropout rate, and helping more students read at grade level or above. While there are still problems, I feel we're firing on all cylinders and moving in the right direction to make Ketchikan the best school district in Alaska, and I'd like to continue to be a part of that process.

I'd like to thank Joel Jackson for serving with me the last three years, and also thank Ms. Clay and Mr. Fitzgerald for volunteering for what can be a time-consuming and thankless position. If you'd like information on how to help with my campaign, click on the ad on the main page of SitNews.

Please keep the district moving in the right direction, please vote for me on October 2. Thanks!



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