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Derek Flom

Candidate for Ketchikan Borough Assembly 2007
Three-Year Term

September 11, 2007

jpg Derek Flom


Change, Choice and Freedom - I am running for Borough Assembly not only for my passion of the American political system, but the freedoms we have and the choices that allows us to govern ourselves by the people and most importantly for the people. We as a free society have the oppourtunity to vote in the candidates who will best serve our present needs, plan for our future needs and be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars. Change is a necessity, our government structure requires it by law, and at times the people demand it by voting for new representation.

Who am I?

Derek M. Flom, 33 years old, Married for almost seven wonderful years to my wife Elizabeth. Father of 3, Cedar, Breanna and Emily. My Daughters both attend North Point Higgins School and love every moment of it. They actually thought summer break was to long ( I hope this is still true in High School). I am a Boy Scout to the heart, having spent my youth in the Scouting programs and 5 years as an adult working for the Scouts in Many Leadership roles as an Instructor and Director for one of the largest education and camping programs in the U.S.A. I am a Hunter, Fisherman and conservationist. I believe in America and all that it stands for, and the message and guidance the founding fathers enscribed in our independence.


Co- Owner Alaskalicious ~ Alaska Gone wild Products
Fixed Operations Manager ~ Skinner Sales and Service
Board of Directors Ketchikan Rod and Gun club - 2005 to present
Automotive Technican - Kodiak, Alaska
Owner Mightyminnow Bait shop & Mini-mart - Long lake, WI
Owner Mightyminnow Guide Service
Board of Directors Long Lake Chamber of Commerce - 2003
Service Manager - Arrowhead GMC
Boy Scouts of America, Indianhead Council, Camp Programs Staff 1994-1998
National Camp School - Resident Camp Management
National Camp School - Shooting Sports Instructor
Winter Camp School Instructor / Coordinator

Civic & Social

NRA & NRA-ILA member
BPOE ELKS member
Sons of Norway member
Ketchikan Rod & Gun Club member
Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce Member
18th & 19th century History Society
Ducks Unlimited Committee 1998-2003
Long Lake Chamber of Commerce member 2002-4
ChamberTourism Committee, WI
Conservation Congress, WI
Water qualitiy - lakes impact committee
Tomahawk Scout Reservation Alumni

The Issues

The Jewelry Store Intiative. I have written letters to both KDN and Sitnews on this Matter. The Intiative is a bad deal for all of Ketchikan - it sends the wrong message. It would limit everyone and impact a solid tax base.

Passing laws restricting ANY segment of business sets a precedent to restrict all business, to restrict everyone of their basic freedoms. We need to encourage through Free enterprise as much development both industrial and retail as possible to sustain and grow our economy. We are all in Business of some sort. Vote the Intiative down - vote better planning in.

The Bridge

I recenlty hired a fellow, he was from Phoenix and wanted to come to Alaska for a Better Climate (no joke). When I picked him up at our Airport, I said " now we get on a ferry to get to Ketchikan". He Said" But where's the Bridge, it dosent make any sense not having a bridge here"? I replied "this is the Where the Bridge to nowhere was going to be, the one everyone in the media made a issue about". His reply" Well they obviously havent been to Ketchikan", long pause starring at our magnificent town for the first time, "you're Not Kidding there really isn't a bridge?"

The Point being there should be a Bridge. It will be Critical for the future growth of Ketchikan. The recent tragic events nationally and the negative exsposure have put a realistic delay on this project. There have been millions of dollars of research into this project and we need to continue forth with the effort in a plan to make the bridge a reality someday.

In the Near term we must support our local ferry service and the Shipyard in all of its water transportation projects. The shipyard can grow to employ over 300 year round jobs with support from all levels, it can be a maritime landmark in its industry, and provide safe and economical transportation in the state. We are an Island and the ferry system is part of what makes southeast special.


Education is the key to a better future. Our Schools need the appropriate funding, with homeschooling and private school enrollment on the rise, we need to look to the School Board, Teachers and Administrators in the Public School system for Answers. Putting more money into something doesn't always make it better. Fund the needs of the Students and the rest will follow.

Borough Staff

The Quest for a new Manager and several other key positions. Running for office can be challenging, hiring for these key positions is more than difficult, it is the fulltime management of our borough and Utillities. Glen Thompson is the Subcommitte chair for the selection committee so I know the best choice wil be made out of the current applicants.

RKG/ Veneer Plant

Anyone venturing into a business of this magnatude needs all the help they can get. However, The Taxpayers of Ketchikan need to know the investment of their taxdollars or property on any project be faithfully monitored and controlled.

I am Pro-Development. I am for Utilizing all of our natural resources, Logging and Mining both have a history that made Alaska. I am not for miss-use of tax dollars in any form, if RKG is in default it is the Borough's duty to foreclose.

Access to Revilla and the Shelter Cove road systems

This will be a major issue I will wish to address. Revilla Island is Huge, yet we the citizens of Ketchikan only have road access to a very small portion of it. The installment of a short road, less than 4 miles, will connect the Current Ketchikan road system to over 100 miles of exsisting logging roads in the Tongass National Forest. The roads already exsist. This would be of enormous benefit to the quality of life on our Island. The ability to actually drive somewhere, and not just anywhere, the Tongass National forest. The most Beautiful and productive Rainforest in North America if not the World. Backpacking, berrypicking, fishing, hunting, wood gathering, camping, bird watching, exploring and the sense of wilderness brought to everyone. Access to our resources is paramount to understanding and education.

Imagine next weekend, getting in your vehicle and driving an hour to a new place to camp or hike or fish? or Drive to Harriet Hunt, Drive past 50 other vehicles turn around and be home in 20 minutes? This would Produce opportunities for Education, recreation and subsistence in our natural environment not to mention, shake off the stuck on the rock blues. Revilla is a beautiful Island, We have the opportunity to provide access to all of it, maybe then we can talk about another bridge, a bridge to the mainland? It would be hard for the no-it-alls to say Cananda and the Lower 48 is Nowhere.

In closing I would like to thank everyone I have met since Starting this campaign. I will do my best serve the People in every manner if I am Elected. If you would Like to Support my Effort to Bring Leadership and progress to Ketchikan. You can Mail a check to Derek Flom for Borough Assembly P.O.Box 1326 Ward Cove, Ak 99928 or if you would post a yard sign or window sign in your business or car please call. If at anytime you would like to share with me some of your concerns or issues you feel are important please feel free to write. email - or call 617-7046

I am running for Borough Assembly to represent you and make Ketchikan not only the First City but the Best. Together we as a community can map out the future of our town!

Good luck to all the Candidates and remember to Vote, your vote does count!

Derek Flom


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