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Karen Eakes

Candidate for Ketchikan School Board 2006
Three-Year Term

September 21, 2006

jpg Karen Eakes

Campaign Statement

Personal information and background:

  • Alaska resident for 39 years; 33 in Ketchikan and 6 on Prince of Wales;
  • My husband and I raised two daughters who went through the school system;
  • 27 years in public education, 22 of them teaching in the Ketchikan School District;
  • Went to graduate school for my masters degree after my retirement in 1998;
  • Taught continuing education classes for teachers at UAS;
  • Founding member and board member of the Tongass School;
  • UAS College Advisory Board member;
  • Currently PATCHWorks director;
  • Life-long advocate for education and learners.

Belief Statement: I believe an effective education system is the single most important quality a community can provide for its own future. This requires keeping students in school! The system must be successful in motivating and supporting all types of learners and provide programs and options that keep students interested and excited about learning. If and when we succeed at this, I believe we will greatly diminish the number of students who drop out of high school and more successfully prepare all of our students for the challenges of the 21st century.

My basic slogan is "Students Come First". It is simple but foundational.

As a candidate, I value and will work toward the following principles:

  • Approach all board decisions with the question, "Will this decision support and/or improve student learning?"
  • Equity of services for students, staffs and schools;
  • Open communication and information sharing across the District;
  • Accountability as "shared responsibility" throughout the system;
  • Curriculum that builds on student strengths, interests and talents;
  • Budget planning and spending that prioritizes District goals.
  • Educating students for the 21st century;

Each of these principles benefit from further clarification. I would welcome any questions or comments and can be reached at 225-5741.

I would like to bring my experience and a new perspective to the School Board. Thank you.

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