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Virginia "Ginny" Clay

Candidate for Ketchikan School Board 2006
Three-Year Term

September 18, 2006

jpg Virginia "Ginny" Clay

My name is Ginny Clay and I am running for the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School Board. I am 38 years old and have lived in Ketchikan most of my life. I graduated in 1986 from Kayhi, go Kings! I am married and have two boys in the school district, Glen is in 9th grade and Ian is in 5th grade. I work at Tongass Substance Screening as a phlebotomist (I collect blood for lab testing) and as the Assistant Office Manager.

I have been involved with kids for many years through the Ketchikan Little League as a board member and Boy Scouts of America, as a Cub Scout Leader and Committee Chairman for our Pack. I have been a substitute teacher at Point Higgins in all grades from pre-school to seventh. I like kids and I like to work with them.

There are so many issues that the school board deals with, some of the things that I think are important right now are the drop out rate, the alcohol, tobacco and other drug policy and reading scores. Our overall drop out rate has improved, but it needs to be better. We need to make it so our kids want to stay in school. More parent participation, more vocational opportunities, continuity in the fundamentals, better readers at a younger age and classes that are evenly mixed are some of the ways to help change this. The ATOD policy is completed and will be reviewed by the school board. I think it is a great policy and sets a firm stand on what is expected. I look forward to helping the schools follow this policy.

High school class time and the open or closed campus are hot topics right now. I think we can offer more opportunities to our students if we increase the classes to a seventh hour. Then we can offer more in the way of vocational classes or a much needed study hall. The open/closed campus issue has been solved for now, but I am willing to hear what anyone has to say about this or any other topic.

I look forward to the exciting challenge and the major learning experience the school board has to offer. You can contact me any time by email at or at home at 225-8214.

Thank you for your support.

Ginny Clay

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