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Bob Weinstein

Candidate for Ketchikan City Mayor 2006
Three-Year Term

September 25, 2006
Monday AM

Bob Weinstein
I am seeking re-election because I believe that I can continue to provide effective leadership in addressing the critical issues facing Ketchikan. We've made a lot of progress during the past three years, but some major issues face Ketchikan. I enjoy the challenges of being Mayor, and I enjoy working with the City Council. As Mayor, I have brought experience, energy, and commitment to the position, and have worked hard so that Ketchikan will continue to be a great place to live.

The long term operating agreement and funding for major improvements for the Ketchikan Shipyard, and the development of new and upgraded port and harbor facilities are examples of how local government can work with the private sector to expand Ketchikan's economic base. During the past 3 years, the City also made progress on projects like the renovation of the Long Term Care Unit at Ketchikan General Hospital which enhance services to our citizens while improving our economy.

I am a strong believer in fiscal responsibility. General government and KPU have a combined budget in excess of $80 million and over 300 dedicated employees. City residents need to know that their money is being spent wisely, that our spending patterns reflect community priorities, and that local government can maintain budget discipline. Since I have been Mayor, we have been able to improve services to our citizens despite significant reductions in state revenue sharing. I am proud of the fact that the city is in good financial shape today-without raising property or sales taxes.

If re-elected, I want to focus on several major priorities for Ketchikan, including:

  • completing construction of the Swan Lake-Tyee hydro intertie. The economic future and growth of our businesses are inextricably tied to stable, low cost hydro power. I am disappointed with the fact that, despite record oil prices and the biggest capital budget in state history, funds were not provided to complete a project which will assure low cost hydro energy for Ketchikan. The hydro intertie is a critical next step to securing our future.
  • making utility improvements to meet current and future community needs, e.g., upgrading and extending the water system, and continuously upgrading telecommunications services to meet the needs of residential and business customers.
  • positioning Ketchikan as a maritime support center, by improving our harbors, supporting improvements in the Alaska Marine Highway System, and adding homeport facilities for large state, federal, and commercial vessels such as NOAA research and Alaska Marine Highway vessels.
  • continuing efforts to support and strengthen our timber and fishing industries.

Ketchikan is a place that supports people, especially our youth and senior citizens. We need to work with the state to maintain programs and services for our senior citizens, while working with the borough to maintain educational and recreational opportunities for our young people.

Please call me at 237-8103 if you have any questions or concerns.

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