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Susan E. Walsh
Candidate for the Ketchikan School Board - Three Year Term


Published: Wednesday
September 21, 2005

Susan Walsh

Susan E. Walsh

Background & Experience:

I've lived and enjoyed Ketchikan since 1978 where I've had the privilege of caring for the citizens of this community in my role as a registered nurse. I began my career here as night supervisor and OB nurse which led me to a decade in family practice and then over a decade at Callisto Pediatrics. I've had the opportunity to witness many children growing and thriving in our community who are now raising their own children here. I guess long-standing advocacy for parents and children would be my defining role.
I served on the school board from 1996-1999, was appointed to the board in 2000 and now serve since the election of 2002.
While my son was attending school I belonged to and participated in each PTA serving in various capacities.

I believe that my priority is the creation of teamwork and advocacy for the high achievement and healthy development of all the children in this community. We have a strategic plan addressing some of the issues surrounding the drop out rate. I would like to foster stronger linkages with social services, health and community organizations and agencies to provide community-wide support and services for healthy development and high achievement for all children.
I have the conviction that public education is important, indeed the cornerstone of our democracy and believe in our democratic process. I have the time and willingness to continue to serve the public and I hope you vote for Susan E. Walsh come Oct. 4th-thanks! 



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