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Thomas E. Jaskiewicz
Candidate for the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly - Three Year Term


Published: Thursday
September 15, 2005

Tom Jaskiewicz

Thomas E. Jaskiewicz

Dear Fellow Ketchikan Gateway Borough Residents,

I would like to take a moment of your time to introduce myself, Tom Jaskiewicz. I am a candidate for the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly.

Although I have lived in many places throughout the United States and Europe, I have never felt more at home than in Ketchikan and I plan to remain here long term.

I am committed to playing a valuable role on the Ketchikan Borough Assembly. As General Manager of the local broadband communication company, I am responsible for the business and financial management of a telecommunication services business. My goal as a member of Ketchikan Borough Assembly, simply stated, is to work diligently with the other Borough Assembly members, Mayor, Manager and Staff to prepare, review and manage our collective future and never to compromise the services provided to our Borough residents.

My commitment to you is to devote the time necessary to fulfill my role on the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly and to work hard to keep Ketchikan a great place to live. I invite you to visit my website at for further information and updates.

Thank you, and please remember to VOTE on October 4, 2005


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