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Robert B. Holston Jr.
Candidate for the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly - Three Year Term


Published: Wednesday
September 14, 2005

Robert B. Holston Jr.


11380 Alderwood St. N.
225-6919 or 617-2262


arrow Born: July 21, 1948 in Kalispell Montana.
arrow Honor H S graduate Polson High School, 1967
arrow Graduate of Flathead Valley Community College 1969
arrow Montana Military Accadamy 1971
arrow Honor graduate University of Montana 1972
arrow Public school teacher 1973 - 1999
arrow Gospel Christian 1983 - present
arrow Owner: Alaskan Home Fishing B&B Lodge 1986-2000
arrow Owner: Lighthouse Excursions 2000 to present
arrow Owner: Loggerville
arrow Secretary: Board of Directors - Guard Island Heritage, Inc.
arrow Director: Clover Pass Singing Christmas Tree
arrow Member: Ketchikan Community Band, First City Scalers, Loggerville Men's League


arrow College educated, over 100 post graduate credits
arrow Business owner since 1986
arrow College Student Body President '68-69
arrow Sunrisers Lions International President '79-80
arrow KEA PR&R Chairman '86-'90
arrow Youth Soccer - Dibblers League past coach
arrow Founder: Guard Island Heritage, Inc.
arrow KGB former litigant


I support the following issues in these ways:


If I cannot argue BOTH sides of a controversy and know all of their major points then I have not listened. I will listen long enough to fully understand all points on BOTH sides of an issue.


The KGB made a commitment that it needs to honor. Now that the KGB has sold the Ward Cove properties for more than the previously committed amount, the KGB should make a significant monetary contribution to the Arts Center.


The KGB bus is presently serving _ of the residents with hourly or so service and _ of the residents with NO SERVICE. Bus routes should be extended to the Knudsen Cove Loop on North Tongass and the Roosevelt Dr. Loop on South Tongass.


Residents should be able to vote on issues that directly effect their lives and livelihood. Every KGB resident pays city taxes. All should be allowed to vote on issues such as the cruise ship dock issue. If consolidation fails, measures should be in place to insure that all can vote on issues affecting our entire community. We are one community.


As a retired teacher I know and understand the needs of education. I support full funding, forward funding & accountability with less testing. I support parental, peer, church and coach involvement in every child's education.


If feasibility studies are so poorly done that they are not accepted then they should not be paid for with taxpayer's dollars. Case in point: the Ward Cove Re-development Plan was place on the agenda to be accepted. It was ignored by the Assembly and has never been accepted yet the bill was paid in full.


If this were a reality, Loggerville would have a home at this time. While some are sold KGB land at less than assessment or appraisal, Loggerville is denied purchase of land while offering 100% of Appraisal. Are there others that feel pushed aside or ignored by the KGB. I will champion such causes of the unheard minority or individuals.


How many others have suffered at the hands of the KGB legal department unfairly. I will listen to even one person to insure that their rights are not tread upon by the Borough. I will insist upon fairness.


Presently there is no allowance for settling disputes between the KGB and the citizenry aside from property taxes. I would work towards a system of mediation or arbitration as a means of working out win win scenarios and avoiding lawsuits.


Some businesses are presently exempt from paying any sales tax. The Assembly has relied upon testimony of 50 year old and out dated law to exempt flight seeing and some tours are totally tax exempt because the tour is owned & operated by cruise line companies themselves thus resulting in tens of $1,000 in lost tax revenue.


Moneys derived from land sales and remaining lands to be sold should be considered equivalent to the original federal funding with the mandate of creating jobs and commerce.


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