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Yeda (Kelvin) Hicks
Candidate for Saxman City Council 3-Year Term
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Published Wednesday
September 29, 2004

jpg Yeda Hicks

Yeda Hicks
My name is Yeda (Kelvin) Hicks and I am NOT a politician, rather, I am a public servant dedicated to the Village of Saxman..  I believe that a persons word is the most valuable assets they have and I give my word that, if elected, I will work with the other members of the City Council and the city administration to bring about a positive change.

Civic Involvements:

  • Developed and directed the "Saxman Youth Reach Program for seven years.  I believe that "one person" can make a difference.
  • Member of the Board of Directors for Women in Safe Homes
  • Member of the Advisory Board for the Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility
  • Member of the Revilla Island Prevention Coalition
  • Foster Parent for the State of Alaska
  • Advocate for the well-being of all kids and youth of Ketchikan and Saxman

I believe that any person or community that places faith in God will prosper.

Peace & Love



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