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Bill Thomas Sr.
Ketchikan City Mayor Candidate
3 year term (1 seat vacant)

Responses to Readers' Questions


Published: Thursday
September 04, 2003

Bill Thomas Sr.

Bill Thomas Sr.
for Mayor 10-07-03

I care about what you think and would like to hear from you. E-mail your comments to me at


Leadership Is one commodity I haven't seen in elected office. I don't mean this comment as an attack on past, present or future elected public servants. I've been in this arena, at various stages for 50 plus years. Being a President, Chairman or Mayor doesn't make one a leader merely by being elected. It requires experience on how to be a leader. Having an agenda doesn't constitute a leader.



I have experience that is successful that defines good effective leadership

I am a team builder, and team player.

Fraternal; American Legion including all offices, Post Commander and SE District Commander; Ketchikan Indian Community tribal member. I am a member and have served all levels of organizations with the exception of the VFW.

Education; I served 14 years advisory council chairman at UAS on curriculum, and UAF statewide on vocational education.

Board member WISH 7 years

Tongass federal credit; union board of directors.

10 years as chairman of Federal Subsistence Management Regional Advisory Council

Borough appointee to planning commission

Profit-non profit and resource management issues;

Employment history; US Coast Guard Civilian Maintenance foreman-Retired, Ketchikan School District-Indian Education Act Administrator-Retired... to name a few.



Requires commitment to the task you are charged with.



Accountability requires diligence, consistency and accurate record keeping.



Honesty should be the cornerstone of trust when your peers elected you to steward their governmental affairs.



Being responsive to the needs of the community as resources allow should be a re-occurring exercise that the community should recognize.

Representation of constituents

Representation of constituents does not equate to representation of special interest. Each person in the City of Ketchikan is my constituent.



We must share our philosophy of how we would make government work for all residents of the City of Ketchikan



Allow current projects on unfinished business to finish.

Work with constituents to encourage private enterprise to succeed.

Encourage private enterprise.

Demonstrate more trust in municipal stewardship.

Pay attention to demographic disparities. (Age groups and opportunity to enjoy and be an active part of Ketchikan) Infirmed, limited, disabled, mature and able, young and able etc.

Improve spending practices.

Encourage council members to be independent as elected representatives and cooperate and take serious interest and be fair to fellow councilmember's.

Streamline meetings to be more productive with less time consumption. (A long meeting doesn't equal a productive meeting)


Comment: (09/19/03)

I was the first candidate to give an extended profile of myself and how I do business. Now I see language on another candidate's profile that coincidently used my words with some re-arranging. I say this because I note that there are some things that were blatantly omitted from past campaigns. To be more specific, the term "effective", and "demographics".

For a positive change in how we do business, "I would be honored if you vote for me on Oct. 7. Most importanly, please vote.



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