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Letter to All Candidates
Text of letter mailed to all candidates on September 12, 2003


September 12, 2003


Dear Candidate:

In reference to your candidacy for public office, you are invited to publish free-of-charge your profile and campaign comments on Stories in the News. The comments you submit will be published online at and will not be edited other than any required typo corrections. Attached is a basic outline for your convenience if you wish to use it.

There are no limitations placed on the length of your comment/statement. Make your comment as brief or as long as you wish. If you would like for citizens to be able to contact you, please include your e-mail or postal address for publication.

Along with your profile and comments, please send a photograph which will be published online with your remarks. If you need a digital photograph taken, contact me at 247-8590 to make arrangements.

Sitnews will again be providing an interactive campaign feature which will allow the public to pose group questions to all candidates for Borough Assembly, City Council, School Board and City Mayor. Questions from the public will be addressed to the group of candidates, not to a particular candidate by name. The interactive campaign feature will not permit the general public to debate with candidates, only to ask questions such as a candidate's position on an issue. However, if the general public wishes to publish political commentary they can do so on Sitnews' Viewpoints page.

You are invited to participate in this interactive campaign feature; however, if you do not have access to a computer, please contact me and accommodations can be made to inform you of the questions submitted and accommodations can also be made so that you can provide your responses for publication.

I am requesting that you return your photograph and candidate's information and statement for online publication to Sitnews as soon as possible. Responses will be published as soon as they are received and in the order received.

Please send your comments for online publication to:

Mail to:
Dick Kauffman, Editor Sitnews
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901

Fax to:

E-mail your comment, statement and photograph to:

Thank you for your prompt reply and good luck in the upcoming election. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Again, there is no charge for publication - Sitnews is a not a commercial web site.




Dick Kauffman, Editor



Stories in the News ~ Ketchikan, Alaska


Attach additional pages if needed.


Name: ________________________________________________

Candidate For: _________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________


E-Mail Address: _________________________________(optional)

Phone: ___________(optional)


About Yourself - Background:



List any experience that qualifies you for this elected position:



List local, regional and/or state-wide issues that you believe are a high priority and state your position on each.



Comments - Statement:




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