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Dear Crabby
by Mrs. Crabcakes - Ketchikan, Alaska
Monday - August 16, 2004

This column is strictly for entertainment purposes only and
is not intended to be taken to heart as serious advice




I want to address those folks in our community that speak a language other than English. I know you're probably not talking about us, and I realize that most of the time it's easier to communicate with your friends and family in your native tongue, but at work, most of your customers find this very rude. In a public setting, such as a store, we don't know if you're talking about us or not, and it bothers many more of us than you know. You generally finish your conversation in your language, then ask what I need in English. I feel as if I'm interrupting, when my patronage is the reason you're at work to begin with. This is as irritating as waiting for someone to get off the phone and then wait on me. I am the customer. Please consider my feelings. Just wanted to 'vent' a little.




Della Wan Day! You are so momsch! You funny little B'ousch! I may have spelled it wrong, but you get the idea. G'ooness Cheesch ho ho, and Merci' for the letter. Adios!





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