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Try the facts for a change
An editorial / By Rick Larsen
Scripps Howard News Service


October 28, 2005

Memo to: Tom Matzzie, of's Political Action Team

Re: Accuracy

Shame on you, Mr. Matzzie, for maligning the media, your supporters and the 2,000 men and women who have died in Iraq.

The media did not miss this tragic milestone, as you stated in the subject line and body of an e-mail alert sent Tuesday to drum up support for Wednesday's vigils on the death toll and to solicit donations for a new television ad.

If you had checked the facts, as the media do, you would have seen that CNN reported the death toll had reached 2,000 Tuesday morning. You would have learned that CNN's "American Morning" show held discussions Wednesday about what the toll means. Had you visited the Newseum Web site,, you would have seen that 152 of the 242 U.S. newspaper front pages displayed had stories Wednesday about the death toll and that many, if not most, of the rest teased to the story inside.

Saying the media have not covered this story is propaganda as misinforming as that put out by those you oppose. It suggests you, and your organization, think your supporters are not informed. And it suggests that you, and your organization, are using the 2,000 dead in Iraq merely to promote your agenda and raise funds.

Credibility comes by telling the facts, Mr. Matzzie. You have not.


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