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Why are we so willing to think the worst of ourselves?
Scripps Howard News Service


June 06, 2005

I'm mad! It's all right for others to be angry with us here in the United States, but when we're insulted we put our heads in the sand instead of speaking out.

The Internet carried a statement by a group claiming to be al Qaeda in Iraq. It made itself heard throughout the world insulting our secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice. So far I don't hear any hue and cry of outrage from anyone here in these United States. Not even a howl from our feminist groups who are so quick to take umbrage at so much else. Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who are so quick to defend the honor of athletes and actors? How can we condone such an insult to a representative of the United States without so much as blinking an eye?

Our secretary of state was called a "hag" by a group of terrorists known to despise women of any race or creed. It is unreal to me that we accept any insult. Yet if we insult others inadvertently we are quick to revile ourselves even before others get a chance to do it.

What's with us? Why are we so willing to think the worst of ourselves, our country, our military, our courts and all things American? Have we grown so politically divisive, pitting one group against another, that the citizens of this great country can no longer stand up together and cry foul when our secretary of state is likened to a hag, "a witch"? This insult comes from people who think nothing of murdering innocent women and children. They seduce their own to sacrifice themselves as suicide bombers to achieve their goal. They will stop at nothing and use the media as well as armaments to destroy us.

Where is our media outrage? Is it the fact that Rice is female that makes an insult to her less than headline news? Shame on us for allowing such a derisive and nasty statement about our secretary of state with just barely a whimper.

We don't need a military operation to defend our honor. We women of America can shout out, turn the media camera on our outrage and beam the story into Arab nations. We should fight back, not with guns, in this case, but with good propaganda. We must show that backward-thinking part of the world that women are worth more than their wombs. Women are as important to the state of our democracy as any man.

Let your media know; let your representatives at the state and federal level hear from you. We women of America have been scorned by these pathetic monsters. Let's give them as good as we get.

Al Qaeda be damned. May it get what's coming to it and none too soon.


Write Barbara Bova at the Naples Daily News, Features Department,
1075 Central Ave., Naples, Fl 34102 or e-mail babova(at)

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