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Another detour on the highway bill
An editorial / By Dale McFeatters
Scripps Howard News Service


May 27, 2005

Congress generally assigns low numbers to bills with high or symbolic importance. So you would think HR 3, the huge, six-year highway and mass-transit bill, would move expeditiously to passage. But you would be wrong.

The old highway act expired at the end of September 2003, but lawmakers, unable to agree on a new bill, have repeatedly extended the old law with its much lower funding levels.

It looked like they might have a measure ready for passage when the House approved a $284 billion bill that the White House said was too expensive but still OK. But then the Senate tacked on another $11 billion, meaning negotiations with the House would have to be reopened. And the White House further complicated matters by saying that $295 billion really was too expensive and that President Bush would veto it.

This is all pretty funny unless you're a state or local government official who sees the prime summer construction season a-wasting.

On Thursday, Congress extended the old bill - for the seventh time. It now expires June 30. Maybe lawmakers will get around to the new measure when they return from Memorial Day recess June 6.



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