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Everybody else is rude but not we 8 percent
An editorial / By Dale McFeatters
Scripps Howard News Service


April 04, 2006

Hello. Hello. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

Good. I'm in an elevator and you keep breaking up. If it happens again I'll just shout - I SAID I'LL JUST ... Oh, OK.

The reason I called is this Pew survey about cell phones ... CELL PHONES! The elevator? I'd say pretty full.

Anyway, you know how Americans are into self-this, self-that and self-the-other-thing? Self-esteem, self-actualization, self-improvement, self-empowerment. The one thing they're not is self-aware. SELF-AWARE! No, they don't mind. Why would they? This is important.

So this survey says almost 90 percent of cell-phone users have encountered people who are rude, annoying or irritating - IRRITATING! - on their cell phones. Look, buddy, I'll be off the phone in a second. Will this stupid elevator ever reach the lobby?

But only 8 percent of cell-phone users say that they themselves are sometimes rude. I'd say that's a disconnect. DISCONNECT! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Do you have a cheap phone or are you just DEAF?

The survey says that three-fourths have used their cell phones in an emergency, which I've got to do right now because things have turned a little ugly here. Talk to you later.





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