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Fish Or Cut Bait

No Gloating Allowed
by Bob Ciminel


November 08, 2004

Okay, I'll admit it, I voted for George W. Bush. I tried quite hard to keep politics out of my articles, and you'll never know how many I started, finished, and then deleted. Most of them were vents over something the Kerry campaign said about Bush's intelligence quotient or the Vice President's family. It's one thing to criticize a man's decisions, but to equate

jpg birthday boy

It isn't what's between your ears that's important....
Bob's grandson, Evan
bad decisions with his intellectual capacity is wrong. After all, Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and look at the bonehead choices he made while in office. I've always told my children, education doesn't make you more intelligent, it just makes you more educated.

Did you read any of those Letters to the Editors the liberal elitists on the East Coast wrote to the NY Times and Boston Globe the day after the election results were final? I thought they were hilarious, especially the one about the people living in mid-America having nothing between their ears. The fact that many of us thought those letters were comical immediately identifies us as intellectuals - it takes intellect to have a sense of humor. Oh, East Coast liberals do have a sense of humor; they just laugh at the wrong times and usually miss the real punch line.

What I really liked about the 2004 election was the voter turnout. It was reassuring to see Americans taking an interest in politics again, and realizing that every vote does count. I was out of town on Election Day, but had mailed in an absentee ballot back in September. So the last couple of months of campaigning had no effect on my vote. Besides, I was never an "undecided." I have to admit I was a little undecided about George on September 12, 2001, but by the end of October I had pretty much made up my mind who I was voting for in 2004, especially after I saw the list of potential candidates the Democrats were going to offer. One of these days, the Democrats will come to their senses, quit listening to Hollywood and TMM (the major media), and find another FDR or Harry S. Truman to put on the ballot, and that will be an interesting election!

So, a great big thank you from a Southern Red State Resident to my friends throughout the country who kept the faith, supported the troops, prayed in their churches, ignored the pundits, and voted with their hearts. You've proven once again that it isn't what's between your ears that's important; it's what you do with what's between your ears that's important.


Bob Ciminel ©2004
All Rights Reserved

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