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Fish Or Cut Bait

Does it Really Matter?
by Bob Ciminel


October 19, 2004

Ketchikan, Alaska - I'm one of those weird persons who like buttermilk. I acquired a taste for it in Fifth Grade. As a class project, we took whole milk that had not been homogenized - I assume it was pasteurized - put it in a butter churn and all took turns mixing it until we ended up with buttermilk and butter. We ate the butter with Saltine crackers and drank the buttermilk in little paper cups. It was delicious.

Today, as I reached into the refrigerator for that quart of buttermilk I bought two weeks ago, I asked myself, "How can you tell if buttermilk has gone bad?" I thought, "Does it really matter? It already tastes like sour milk." You know something? I'm beginning to feel the same way about the upcoming election.

jpg flag

Elections Won't Change This! America will still be America.
Flags such as this one in the Carrs' parking lot in Ketchikan, Alaska
are daily flown proudly all around the nation...
Photo by Carl Thompson ©2004

Osama bin Laden has declared war on the United States. He has vowed to continue attacking us because he wants to destroy us. I don't recall bin Laden putting any conditions on that vow, such as, "I will continue trying to destroy you unless John Kerry is elected President."

The Palestinians want to destroy Israel. They've wanted to wipe Israel off the face of the map ever since the British left Palestine and the Israelis took the land by force. There have been five Democrat and six Republican Presidents in office over that period and the Palestinians still sing the same tune. What difference would it make if Kerry or Bush is President?

Both Bush and Kerry have pet programs they want to push through Congress during the next four years. The operative term here is "push through Congress." All of these programs require money. The President can't spend a dime unless Congress approves the expenditure. All this debating about creating jobs or losing jobs, raising taxes or lowering taxes, gay marriages or gay unions is moot. Neither Bush nor Kerry can accomplish anything without Congressional approval.

If Kerry is elected, he will have to deal with a Legislative Branch controlled by Republicans. Do you think they might be a little upset if Bush loses? Do you think John Kerry has a snowball's chance in Hell of getting his programs approved by that Congress? If Bush is re-elected, he'll run into the same problem because the Democratic minority will filibuster anything he supports. Look at how they've managed to hold up his judicial appointments for the past four years. Will Kerry fair any better trying to appoint liberal judges? I think not.

Nope, it really doesn't matter who is President. Terrorists will still be terrorists, and Congress will still be Congress. The important thing is America will still be America, and no President, liberal or conservative, can change that.


Bob Ciminel ©2004
All Rights Reserved

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