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Fish Or Cut Bait

How Low Can You Go?
by Bob Ciminel


October 15, 2004

A member of the Tennessee state legislature produced the poster included with this article. The man, who has been distributing the poster for the past couple of weeks, is the Democratic incumbent. He is running for reelection. His campaign office serves as the local headquarters for the Kerry-Edwards ticket.

jpg poster

I have purposely stayed away from politics in my articles for Sitnews, which is quite a turnaround from my days at Kanoe, but this latest attempt at mudslinging goes beyond anything I have experienced since I became eligible to vote. Coming on the heels of Senator Edwards' use of the late Christopher Reeves' spinal injury to tout Kerry's support of stem cell research and the sexual preferences of Vice President Chaney's daughter to show his support of gay rights, the Kerry campaign has reached the bottom of the barrel.

Obviously, neither Kerry nor Edwards has experienced life with a physically or mentally challenged child, or a family member who has suffered a catastrophic spinal injury, or a son or daughter who is a homosexual. You know something, I haven't either, but I have a good idea what life would be like, and I doubt that the Presidential Elections would be a major issue.

The use of the doctored Special Olympics photograph is the lowest form of discrimination. The parents of the competitor can obviously recognize their son. How would you feel if that was your child, knowing how hard he worked to compete in that event? The unaltered photograph illustrated the achievements people can make in life despite physical or mental obstacles God placed in their paths. How dare this hick from Tennessee use that image for political satire?

The good citizens of Tennessee should not only throw this jerk out of office, they should tar and feather him and run him out of town on a rail!


Bob Ciminel ©2004
All Rights Reserved

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