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My Problem with Hillary



August 08, 2016
Wednesday PM

(SitNews) - I really shouldn’t have a dog in this fight. My choice in the Primaries was Ted Cruz, not because he was a Republican but because he was a Constitutional scholar. Interestingly, so was Barack Obama, or so he claims. President Obama, however, evidently has not read the Constitution in a long time, at least since becoming President of the United States. I’ve read it; it’s an easy read, and although the language might be more familiar to 16th Century readers it is not difficult to understand.

I don’t believe Hillary Clinton has recently read the Constitution either. I would take it even further and suggest she can’t remember the Preamble, something I was required to memorize in elementary school. I attended parochial schools from 5th grade through high school, and although prayers and catechism were our first priority the schools did not neglect American civics. So, being soundly grounded in religion and patriotism from an early age, plus serving in the military, you may understand why I might have an aversion to Ms. Clinton.

Beatable Hillary
By Nate Beeler ©2016, The Columbus Dispatch

My first clue to the lack of depth in her character centers on her marriage. It is a joke, and a very bad joke. It’s one of those jokes where, after hearing the punchline, you think there’s more to come because you don’t see the humor. I believe in the Clinton’s marriage the love, honor and obey part was the punchline. Evidently Bill thought it was. (I know that in my marriage, infidelity would result in one of two parties hitting the road.) Today’s society essentially torpedoed and sunk the “obey” vow thanks to the women’s rights movement, which seems to have overlooked domestic violence in its fight for equality (unless it’s perpetrated by professional athletes.) And speaking of domestic violence, I’m not sure where Hillary stands on that. She seems to have no problem with Islam’s interpretation of “obey” when it comes to wives and daughters.

However, all that aside (after all, it’s only a moral issue) my greatest distrust of Hillary stems from her ability to lie with a straight face, not only to the public, her supporters, Congress, the media, the FBI and, worst of all, the parents of the Benghazi victims. Now I am not naïve enough to believe that politicians don’t lie. It is what makes them politicians: the skill to tell people what they want to hear, make them believe it and all the while internally laughing at them. So, when a politician says he/she will cut my taxes I know that is a lie. When they say they will raise my standard of living, I know that is a lie. And when Hillary says she will make the country better, I know that is a bold faced lie. When Hillary says she is going to raise taxes on the rich, she forgets to mention that all of her family’s wealth comes from a tax-exempt foundation where she and Bill make millions lying to people. My vote is going to the candidate who tells the most truthful lies.


Bob Ciminel ©2016

Bob Ciminel's articles may include satire and parody, and mix fact with fiction. He assumes informed readers will be able to tell the difference. Bob is retired and lives in South Carolina, he worked for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations. He has also been a conductor on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, and currently volunteers for numerous projects in his community.

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