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Fish Or Cut Bait

Thanks, Carl!
by Bob Ciminel

August 03, 2005

As an amateur photographer, I've always been impressed by the Carl Thompson's photos that grace the homepage on And now that I think of it, Lisa Thompson's photographs aren't bad either. Living in such a beautiful part of the country helps, but as most photographers know, the camera only takes the picture; it's the photographer who composes it.

Inspired by Carl - he even called me one afternoon from Alaska to answer a question - I embarked on our annual vacation to Pawleys Island, South Carolina determined to take a lot of photos, and hoping that at least one of them would be good enough to make the front page.

As Alice packed our suitcases - one for me; six for her - and "creekin' shoes," I gathered up three 256-megabyte Flash cards, a spare battery pack and charger, and other sundry items I would need to take and display photos.

Upon arriving at the beach, our first order of business was to christen our granddaughter, Ella Marie, at the little non-denominational chapel on the island. Our grandson, Evan Robert, was christened there three years ago. Evan was christened by a Baptist minister; Ella by a Methodist minister. We thought we'd spread the religion around a little. One thing the two christenings did have in common was that both of our grandchildren were christened with creek water. Using the water from the creek behind the chapel signifies our family's belief that God has given us wonderful gifts - beautiful grandchildren who will grow to love the saltwater marsh as much as we do.

Bright and early Sunday morning, I was up at first light, grabbed my camera and went out on to the upper porch to see what the sunrise was going to look like. My camera lens immediately fogged up, and I spent the better part of 15 minutes wiping the lens off and praying that I could still get a decent shot of the rising sun.

Well, here is the result. What do you think, Carl?


jpg seashore

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Bob Ciminel lives in Roswell, Georgia, and works for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.  Bob is also a conductor on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.


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