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Fish Or Cut Bait

Jump, for Crying Out Loud!
by Bob Ciminel


May 28, 2004

As I write this article, the 12 northbound and southbound lanes on Interstate 75 north of Atlanta are closed, two television helicopters are hovering over the highway like vultures, and all because some jerk is standing on the overpass at Windy Hill Road threatening to
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jump. The same thing happened about a month ago in downtown Atlanta on the I-75/I-85 Connector, bringing traffic to a standstill for four hours while police negotiate with some low-life, drug-taking, schizophrenic. Doctors could not reach hospitals, air travelers missed flights, and tens of thousands of commuters and cross-country travelers sat on the Interstate unable to find a drink or use a bathroom, and for what?

If a wild animal or someone's pet was holding up traffic, we would anesthetize it, catch it in a net, and go on about our business. I think the police need to call the Atlanta Zoo and get someone up here with one of those dart guns. The fire department can string up a net to catch the idiot when he falls. If they miss, then he is no worse off than if he had carried out his original intentions. To me, this is a "No-Brainer."

Now, do not get me wrong, I know there are challenges in life that drive people to the brink of suicide. However, the real victims are the people left behind who have to deal with the tragedy of losing a loved one. However, suicide is the coward's choice; it is literally "the easy way out." These days I have a better understanding of how much strength it takes to deal with the things that drive others to suicide. I watched my brother-in-law waste away to skin and bones last year as he battled stomach cancer. He could have taken the easy way out, but he fought to his last breath.

The person on the bridge at Windy Hill will not jump. Now that he has gotten everyone's attention, he will make several hundred thousand people's lives miserable for a few hours, snarl the highways around Atlanta, and then let police talk him down and haul him away to a hospital where I, and millions of other taxpayers, will pay his medical bills. I just hope he does not sue the state highway department for not putting a fence on the bridge to keep would-be jumpers from accidentally falling and killing themselves


Bob Ciminel ©2001

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