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Fish Or Cut Bait

Great To Be Back in Ketchikan!
by Bob Ciminel


May 07, 2004

Boy, it's great to be back in Ketchikan! It's been about three years since I wrote my last article for Kanoe, and I have literally felt like a fish out of water. Writing is like exercising; if
you don't do it regularly, you quickly get out of shape.

For my old readers, here's a quick synopsis of what I've been doing since Kanoe ceased publication. I'm still happily married to the former Alice Bourne of Rock Hill, South Carolina; we are still living in Roswell, Georgia, Lower Forty Eight. We are the proud grandparents of Evan Robert Meckley, born April 19, 2001, and now residing in Council Bluffs, Iowa, a thousand miles too far from his grandparents.

For new readers, "Fish or Cut Bait" is a no-holds-barred attempt by this amateur writer to cynically and humorously describe everything going on in the Lower Forty Eight, with particular emphasis on the Southern States. However, I will occasionally take a poke at Alaska just to get a rise out of you folks living in the Great North. But don't take me too seriously. I truly admire and respect all Alaskans, regardless of their race, creed, color, religious affiliation, national origin, sex or sexual preference, political affiliation, physical impairment, environmental affiliation, or anything else that can get you in trouble with the overseers of political-correctness. Now, I am a little biased against petroleum, the mainstay of Alaska's economy, but only because I've worked in the nuclear power industry for over 30 years. However, I also drive an SUV, so keep that oil coming!

Okay, so what's the big news item here in Metro Atlanta? It's not that Premium Gasoline has risen to more than $2.00 a gallon. No, what really has us worried, because it's a sure sign that inflation is rampant, is that Hormel Foods is raising the price of Spam® by almost 7%!!! Heck, we can always carpool if gasoline gets too expensive, but what will we do when Spam® becomes too expensive? Rumor has it that the same folks who stockpiled food during the Y2K hysteria are suddenly snapping up all the Spam® on the grocery store shelves. It really has us worried. The next thing you know, the government will start moving the gold out of Fort Knox and begin stockpiling Spam®! We expect Hormel to come out with a new advertisement any day now: "Spam® - Worth its Weight in Gold!"


Bob Ciminel ©2004

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