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Fish Or Cut Bait

Post-Election Depression
by Bob Ciminel

January 24, 2005

I hate to admit it, but I am suffering from depression because of the outcome of last November's elections. If the Kerry supporters think they are upset, they need to consider my feelings too. I am a conservative who voted for George W. Bush.
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I haven't been to a shrink yet, but it won't be long, especially after I watch the inauguration ceremonies. We are spending over $40 million to put someone back in the Whitehouse who already lives there! Do you have any idea how much worthless research that money could buy if we gave it to academia?

People complain because the government wants to spend $40 million on George's second inauguration. Did you know that we taxpayers bought $48 billion worth of lottery tickets last year? Blue state citizens alone spent $29 billion on lottery tickets, or almost 60% of the total spent in the entire country. Would you care to make a guess as to the states that complain the most about the inauguration's $40 million cost?

I'm not depressed because we're spending 0.08% of what the states raked in on lottery ticket sales last year for W's party. I think we're getting off cheaply, all things considered. No, my problem lies much deeper.

One of the most difficult things about being a writer, and particularly an amateur writer, is coming up with subject material. During Bill Clinton's eight years at the helm of the Ship of State, I never lacked for things to write about. If it wasn't Bill fooling around with Monica, et al, it was Queen Hillary slip sliding away from the Whitewater Scandal, firing everyone in the Whitehouse travel office, or complaining about the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" (of which I was a charter member and have a coffee cup signed by Rush Limbaugh to prove it.) No, I'm depressed because had John Kerry won the election I would have had four more years of excellent bottom feeding!

Bob Ciminel lives in Roswell, Georgia, and works for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.  Bob is also a conductor on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.


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