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By David G Hanger


December 17, 2019
Tuesday PM

The words of Michelle Goldberg really say it all, “This administration is rotten to the core and fundamentally disloyal to the country it purports to serve. So is every politician who still tries to explain its corruption away.” This is much worse than Watergate because what we have here is treason specifically intended to benefit the Russians and Trump’s handler, Vlad Putin.

Many of you are the children and the grandchildren of the folks who were here in the 1950s and the 1960s, and a whole bunch of them were John Birchers, right-wing extremists who obsessively believed in a vast “international Communist conspiracy” that in fact never existed. The Russians, the Chinese, and the Vietnamese, for example, are not friends. Albeit over the top with their obsession to a considerable degree, they were quite correct in identifying Russia as an enemy.

They were then, and they still are.

A whole lot of this is as consequence of the silly crap you slurp up from Fascist propaganda sources, many of which have long since been severely compromised by the Russians. The Russians meddled in U.S. elections in 2016; the Ukrainians had nothing to do with it, and this part of the entire scam is an effort manufactured by the Russians to deflect you from seeing who the real puppet master is. Trump is an owned thing, a Russian asset.

What motivates the man and many of you to believe that someone besides Russia did this election interference in 2016? The benefit to the Russians is obvious and multifaceted. Particularly is that true with the Ukraine, for the Russians want to re-occupy it, and I gather a whole lot of you prefer that to occur. Why?

Watergate was much more than a minor league burglary of Democratic headquarters. There were, for example, Segretti’s “Rat F***kers” (their chosen name), who did additional break-ins and disinformation campaigns so sinister they literally forced the best candidates out of the 1972 race with their lies. So the whole 1972 Presidential election was a setup, successfully manipulated by Nixon’s CREEPs (again their own chosen name) to ensure he ran against the weakest possible opponent. There were massive slush funds of hidden cash, and like now an attorney general who was working as the President’s personal attorney rather than doing his job. In the case of Watergate that attorney general went to prison.

Those are facts, and those facts among others led to the resignation and disgrace of Richard M. Nixon, a vile paranoid man who would have won anyway, but had to rig the game to guarantee it.

What makes this so much worse is Trump trying to sell out the Ukrainians to benefit the Russians while, of course, benefitting himself by trashing the Bidens. The Russians win either way, and that is by design. Chess is the Russian’s national sport, and the game they play is a win however their opponent plays it. Their most effective power right now is their ability to manipulate, you. Trump disparages the Ukrainians; that helps Russia. Everything Trump does helps Russia, not the Ukraine, not the United States.

Just out of curiosity what do you have in common with Russia? Do you think the dictatorial and murderous little prick who runs that show is someone to admire?

Contrast that with the Ukraine which in fact is doing its utmost in circumstances more extreme than we ever experienced to be a representative democracy. Trump attempted to extort their very existence as a nation by depriving them of needed weapons fully authorized by the Congress of the United States and affirmed by National Security in order to get dirt on a political opponent, the front runner and the candidate perceived to be the most significant threat in 2020. (This part is exactly like Watergate which actually started with attacks on Senator Edmund Muskie, then perceived as the leading opposition candidate.)

In the course of promoting Russian interests by seeking to deflect Russian interference in the 2016 election by using a debunked Russian talking point that the Ukrainians did it (Gee, why would the Russians want to do something like blame the Ukrainians?) and to compel the Ukrainian President to announce a corruption investigation into the Bidens, that didn’t really have to occur, specifically to benefit Trump’s re-election prospects, Trump sacrificed the national security interests of both the Ukraine and the United States without any hesitation or equivocation to once again enhance the interests of Russia (and Russia only) and his buddy and handler, Vlad Putin.

He did not fail in any part of his objective; he has just been fully exposed.
Attempted murder is a crime, and attempted bribery and extortion are crimes also, folks.

In this instance the attempt itself constitutes a success. Biden is completely marginalized. He was and always has been a weak candidate, every time he has run he gets exposed as clumsy in action and in thought, and it ain’t improving with age; thus a stupid target of paranoia in the first place. Biden always does himself in just fine.

Trump did it. He is guilty. It is not complicated. There is no excuse for murdering your spouse or your neighbor either; the cops let you babble out your reasons and then haul your worthless ass to prison where you belong. All efforts at deflection are just excuse, and there is no excuse for this criminal behavior.

In closing let us note that Hunter Biden is a puke, too. He got $50,000 a month because of who his daddy was, sums it up. I do think you right wingers should lose a whole lot of sleep over this and should otherwise waste a whole lot of time chattering about it; this kind of behavior unquestionably needs to stop. $600,000 a year worth of pissed-offness is what we need from all you folks, and the necessary time and emotion to counter Hunter Biden’s evil.

But in fairness let us have dollar for dollar equality in terms of lost sleep, wasted chatter, and necessary time and emotion expended for the $68 million a year Uday and Qusay are collecting and the $375 million + a year that Jared and sweetcakes are collecting that we know of.

If you put your mouth and your outrage where the real money really is, that effort at moral equivalency will be enough to keep you busy for the next 250 years.

David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska





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The text of this letter was NOT edited by the SitNews Editor.

Received December 16, 2019 - Published December 17, 2019

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