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Pepe the Frog

By Norbert Chaudhary


December 27, 2016
Tuesday PM

It's just another day, another Trump outrage, more Trump lies and more Trump conspiracy theories providing even more overwhelming evidence of Trumps instability and ignorance.

Oh well.

Yawn... stretch... (repeat)..

Who cares?

This whole Trumpitzation of America reminds me of 'The Frog in the Pot' parable. You know the story.

If you put a normal, rational, sane frog in a pot of boiling water he will immediately leap out and save himself. But even though Pepe the Frog knows he is is sitting in a pot of water on a stove top in Trumps kitchen, he is perfectly content.
And as the heat is gradually raised, he shrugs with indifference. And even though other frogs try to warn him and he sees Trump turn the temperature up a bit more, he still doesn't see any reason to move, even making excuses for why it feels warmer and then denying that it is getting any warmer at all, referring to his favorite right wing blog sites for all the answers to all the questions in his tiny, tiny reptilian brain...

And as he watches Trump turn the heat up again, Pepe the Frog remembers what he was told. That there is vast left wing conspiracy trying to convince him he is in danger. But he knows the liberals and media are all liars and that Trump always keeps his word and that he is smart enough to make his own mind up, because Fox News told him he was...

And so it goes, a little bit more and a lot bit more... And before he even considers that maybe he has been had, or begins to think independently about what is happening to him - Pepe is dead... As blissfully ignorant in death as he was willfully ignorant in life...

We have already gotten use to Trumps disregard of facts, his belief of Alt Right conspiracy theories, his angry emotional outbursts, his many illegal conflicts of interest, his bullying of common folks, the media and everyone that disagrees with him on anything at all.

What once was considered outrageous, shocking behavior is now the norm. What once was called lies, is now called opinion. What once was considered physical assault of a woman is now laughed off as "Boys will Boys"... What once were filthy, disgusting, poisonous words never to be spoken in public are now part of our daily vocabulary all thanks to Trump.

And we no longer seem to mind Trumps destruction of American Foreign Policy, his threats to end Military Alliances, Trade Agreements and Health Care with absolutely no comprehension of the consequences of his actions... nope, it doesn't bother us at all.

We don't worry that Trumps tax plan will give huge tax cuts to the 1% and corporations further widening the wealth gap. It's ok that Billionaire Bankers, Big Oil People, Trumps Children and Generals are filling important positions next to Trumps Right Hand man, Steve Bannon (former CEO of the Alt Right, Fake News site Breitbart News).

We don't even care about Trump cozying up to our enemies or making excuses for them as they hack and attack our country every way they can. We are coming to accept his ignorance of science and climate change, his dismantling of truth, justice and equality. And it's ok that Trump has nothing but contempt of the values of integrity, empathy and freedom that our country was founded upon.

We never even wondered why dictators enthusiastically applauded Trumps victory while Democracies went into mourning...

So of course we are no longer shocked when hear the now daily Trump Lie, or when he makes another twitter posting revealing his complete ignorance of what the United States of America has always stood for - and what the United States of America has always stood against...

Many Americans are joining Pepe as they shrug their shoulders and say "What problem? Is it really happening? What does it matter? Nothing I can do. Everything will be ok."

Pepe and his crowd don't know what is coming, they are completely under the spell of a cold blooded, forked tongue, silver haired serpent. But many of the rest of us are watching in horror as the pot comes to a boil... wondering if there is any hope of convincing the Pepes to leap out before it's too late..

Unfortunately, I doubt it.

Norbert Chaudhary
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received December 17, 2016 - Published December 27, 2016


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