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Deer hunting season in Unit 2 extended


December 22, 2016
Thursday PM

(SitNews) Craig, Alaska - The Federal Subsistence Board recently extended the deer hunting season in Unit 2 through January 31, 2017 and required that harvest ticket number five be used for recording the harvest of a female deer.

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) would like to inform hunters of the following items related to Federal subsistence deer hunting regulations in Unit 2:

  • Copies of the Federal Management Regulations are available at Forest Service Offices and online.
  • The Federal season is from July 24 through January 31. The harvest limit is 5 deer; however no more than one may be a female deer. Female deer may be taken only during the period of October 15 through January 31.
  • Only Federally-qualified subsistence users may participate. This means only rural residents of Units 1A, 2 or 3 may hunt deer in Unit 2 under Federal Regulations.
  • In Unit 2 only, Federal Public Lands are open to deer harvest in January. You need a valid resident State license and State issued harvest tickets. The harvest tickets are valid through January 31, but you will need a new license beginning January 1, since licenses are only valid for the calendar year (they expire December 31).State lands are closed to the harvest of deer in January. State lands in Unit 2 include all beach areas below mean high tide. The shoreline below forest vegetation is considered below mean high tide. During January, the Federally-qualified hunter AND any deer harvested must BOTH be above mean high tide and on Federal land.
  • In Southeast Alaska, marine waters within three miles of land are State waters. To clarify, if you are on marine waters, you may not shoot from a boat even under Federal regulation. However, during the Federal season, Federally-qualified users may harvest deer on Federal public lands from Federal public waters (i.e., a freshwater lake) if the motor is off and the boat has stopped its forward progress.
  • Federally-qualified hunters are allowed to harvest one female deer between October 15, 2016 and January 31, 2017. Harvest ticket number five must be used when recording the harvest of a female deer, but may be used for recoding the harvest of a male deer. Harvest tickets must be used in order except when recording a female deer on harvest tag number five. If a subsistence hunter has harvested a female deer this season, then they cannot harvest one in January, and will need to verify male deer since bucks may have shed their antlers.


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Copies of the Federal Management Regulations

Federal Subsistence Management Program

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