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REDDI report followup

By Shawn Kimberley


December 11, 2015
Friday AM

Almost immediately after posting my letter, I was contacted by the Captain of the Alaska State Troopers. The gentleman I spoke with was the commander of the entire southeast region. After a fairly long conversation, I would honestly say that I believe that he is a good man and a good leader. After our conversation I feel like he is here to help improve all aspects of our community. We discussed the situation thoroughly. What came out of that conversation was a complete surprise to me. Not only was the outcome something positive, But it restored my faith in the Alaska State troopers organization. He did not try to make excuses, He did not try to dance around the subject. Instead he owned up the actions, or in my opinion the lack of action. And was very polite and thankful to me for my part in trying to help correct a dangerous situation.

My letter did have the effect that I was hoping for. It got people talking about the issue. That includes that Alaska State Troopers. They used this experience to help better the response time on calls like this. And are working on making changes to their policies so that they are able to respond in a much more efficient manner. I will say that I am now thankful that we have someone like him in the organization, And in our community. He did not blow it off and dismiss it, instead he used it as a chance to improve things for the future. He took me and my letter very seriously.

Overall I would definitely have to say that through this experience, I have a better understanding of the way things work. I also have a deeper respect for the Troopers and the job that they do. So I would encourage everyone to look out for each other. Don’t be afraid to bring potentially dangerous situations to the attention of law enforcement. We all have loved ones out there that we want to protect. I see now that I may have been over critical of the actions of the Troopers in this situation.
Sometimes standing up and letting people know how you feel can have a positive effect. It is all our responsibility as citizens of Ketchikan to help mold and shape the community. This is a perfect example of how you can take a bad situation and turn it into something positive. I would like to thank the captain and the other State troopers for all that you do for us.

Shawn Kimberley
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received December 09, 2015 - Published December 11, 2015

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