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By Joey Garcia


December 22, 2012
Saturday PM

This is the first time when I read the latest Sitnews containing innuendos, which as for me, is a basic ingredient part of a constructive kind of criticism, citing a few like the sentencing of 2 brother Filipinos in the finality, the broken neck of birds along the path of Ward Lake, the attitude of the KPU inhuman trait in cutting electricity and the reinstallation charges so fantastically done so in time for christmas, the continuous refurbishing of dockside 1 and 2 for the 2013 tourists trade, etc....etc.... Pathetic? Not really I guess...

What remains to be seen probably is something like patching a few potholes along the streets in downtown and Newtown areas, a stricter laws on leased dogs, a pier that can be used by seniors or other fishing fad where berthing is not allowed, and fishing within the area do not need a license, like those ports in Oxnard and Redondo Beach in California. Also a law where even private parking spaces should have handicapped parking privileges like the EC Phillips area, the Tongass Towers Condominium, the Marine View Condominiums, the Galley, some banking institutions, and other public and private roadways.

Calling the attention of Ketchikan Mayor Lew Williams III to do something also to the fact of our resident senior citizens proposal to have a part time work in various fields within his controlled area of responsibility, same goes to the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, especially the control of young women going in and around senior folks visiting the latter in their rented apartments, condo units, bunk houses, and in berth'd sea crafts dock in paid berthing spaces, more or less women packing their hugged kids during paydays fronting the EC Phillips & Son processing locations, the assigning of personnel to check on restaurants or convenient stores complete with food server licenses, toilet upkeep, and more meter maids doing their routine jobs in all weather conditions.

Phew.... more to come when I can see a much better environmental impact on a city I am proud to be a resident, part of what they call, "the whiner group" and probably, in a city where laws are upheld without any discrimination and not only for the tourists but for the residents of any color, religion, nationality, but for the local residents too.

Adios .....

Joey Garcia
Ketchikan, AK


Received December 21, 2012 - Published December 17, 2012

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