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Leash Law
By Dawna L. Hull


December 17, 2012
Monday PM

I have been living in Saxman for 3 years. I've talked to Animal Control on a number of occasions about the many dogs I see that wander around without leashes. I've come into contact with a number of these animals and for the most part they are friendly. But I've also come across some who will "challenge" me.

I have two children. The youngest has a disability. I fear that one day one of these dogs will hurt one of my children. Especially my daughter because it is in her nature to think everyone and everything is just as loving and caring as she is.

I have animals of my own and I've also owned dogs in the past. So this has nothing to do with me hating dogs or animals. I just ask that if you do own a dog anywhere in Ketchikan or Saxman that you take on the full responsiblity of that dog. Not just to feed it and give it water. But to teach it correctly and keep it safe on a leash. Safe not only to others around it but to itself.


Dawna L. Hull
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Born and raised in Ketchikan. Mother of two."

Received December 14, 2012 - Published December 17, 2012





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