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Freezing water
By Alan R.McGillvray


December 10, 2012
Monday PM

Well the cold has begun to snap again, and I thought it would be an opportune moment to remind people that it's time to turn on the cold water on your faucets to keep the water line from freezing up. If you use a cistern to supply the house with water, it can be problematic.

However, if you take your garden hose, attach one end to an outside hydrant, take the discharge end and put it in the tank near where the water is drawn from, turn on the hydrant a small amount, and let it run wild (so to speak). It will keep your water from freezing up.

It will cost a little bit more in electricity, but less than the cost of hiring a plumber to come thaw your lines and tank so you have water. Plus, it is almost impossible to thaw out a cistern tank to supply your water.

So just a word to the wise here, take care, and have a GOOD WINTER!!!

Yours, in having running water all year around,

Alan R.McGillvray
Ketchikan, AK


About:"Long-time Ketchikan and Alaskan resident"

Received December 07, 2012 - Published December 10, 2012





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