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Be seen, be safe
By Cheryl Henley


December 05, 2011
Monday PM

This weekend there was an editorial about winter driving safety in town. Going North about 4:30 tonight, a school bus stopped, lights flashing, and 3 little children got off the bus at Densley Road. The walked across the street and up their road. Not one child had a reflective tape on their jackets, or a light source with them.

When it is raining and dark out, it is difficult to see well on the highway. Lights reflect everywhere. Bad news here.

I am asking parents to please care enough to put reflective tape, or carry a little flashlight for the children, also, for anyone else crossing streets, in parking lots, and at stores. Troopers used to give safety bear clip-ons for kids to wear when my children were little.

You may think people see you in dark clothes when you are out and about - they don't not in the dark. PLEASE, wear something reflective.

Cheryl Henley
patootie [at]
Ketchikan, AK

About: "A resident of Ketchikan since 1968. "

Received December 05, 2011 - Published December 05, 2011


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