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The winner of the Nice and Naughty title is.....
By Robert Thompson


December 29, 2010
Wednesday AM

Dear Sitnews Readers,

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. But now back to the political shenanigans of our elected representative Kyle Johansen. Were you all watching the last few Borough Assembly meetings? (It is not the most exciting of night time soaps but well worth an occasional surfing stop.)

To recap previous episodes:

Summer episode: Acting on his own initiative Kyle J. had arranged for a grant from the State for $150,000. (Good for him.) It was described as money to be used for a new children’s park like the one in Juneau. But the rest of the million plus dollars would need to be raised locally (well, not so good.)

November Episode: Our borough governing body, under pressure from the State, decided, instead of building a new multi-million dollar children’s park, to use the money to refurbish the old deteriorated children’s parks. (It seems logical to me, but what do I know?)

December episode: His royal Kyle-ness was not amused. He strenuously objected, even threatened. Agnes Moran, the Assembly Member who first recommended using the money on existing parks, expressed some concern over Kyle’s attitude. But there was a change, now instead of a children’s park, his Kyle-ness said the money was appropriated because of requests from sports folks locally and the money was for a ball field. (Uh oh, Is there a truthfulness problem? No, he is a politician, if the constituents will buy it than it must be the truth.)

OH, before I forget, there is the Statewide coverage: from the Ear:
“the 2010 Nice and Naughty title goes to The Love Caucus: State Reps. Kyle Johansen and Charisse Millett, who repeatedly and unselfishly amused us all on many levels all year.” Read more, click here.

Now we are the punch line to an Alaskan joke. Aren’t you all just so proud?

You may have heard that the state had a write-in campaign in November. It succeeded. So I want to suggest this year we have a write-out campaign. But, remember to spell Kyle’s name correctly.

K—is for Ketchikan, It should come first, but for Kyle it comes last.
Y—is for Yokels, what he thinks we are, but we are not as naïve as he thinks.
L—is for umm, for not telling the truth.
E—is for Egotistical, conceited, bigheaded, arrogant, narcissistic, pretentious and vain and maybe a few other things.

Now let’s all have a Happy New Year, and make one of your new year’s resolutions to get rid of this year’s problems.

Politically Yours,

Robert Thompson
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 27, 2010 - Published December 29, 2010



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