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Alaska Region Forest Service and State ADF&G Seek Concurrence to Protect Fish Habitat and Fish Passage


December 21, 2009

Juneau, Alaska- Alaska Forest Service Regional Forester Denny Bschor signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game that outlines protocols for gaining concurrence in conducting instream activites on the Tongass and Chugach national forests December 18.

jpg Alaska Region Forest Service and State ADF&G

Kerry Howard, Director, ADF&G Habitat Division, and USFS Regional Forester Denny Bschor congratulate each other in Bschor's Juneau office after he signed an MOU between the two agencies that outlines collaboration processes for protecting fish habitat and passages on national forest lands in Alaska. (USFS Official photo)

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed by ADF&G Commissioner Denby Lloyd December 10. Both agencies have the common goal of protecting fish resources on Alaska's national forests while continuing a long-standing cooperative relationship. The Forest Service and ADF&G's Division of Habitat will work together to reach concurrence on all instream activities and to maintain fish passage in all fish-bearing water bodies on national forests in Alaska.

The agencies make commitments to protect fish habitat and fish passages and use a collaborative process to reach concurrence prior to conducting instream activities under the MOU. They also pledge, when practical, to develop general concurrences as addendums to the MOU and to resolve disputes regarding instream activities in a timely manner and to only elevate the dispute within the agencies as a last resort.

"This MOU falls under a broad Master MOU the State and the Forest Service have been operating under for several years," said Denny Bschor. "It outlines, in more detail, the process for delineating windows of opportunity to conduct instream activities in fish-bearing water bodies on the national forests. This MOU also outlines a process for gaining concurrence when there is a difference of opinion on the timing of instream activities."

The Master MOU established a framework that recognized the responsibilities for both agencies to cooperate in the common stewardship of fish, wildlife, and their habitats on national forests in Alaska.

The fisheries MOU is effective through July 1, 2014.




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