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Officer in our schools
By Charles Edwardson


December 30, 2009
Wednesday PM

Sometimes "maybe" I hit the wrong button and delete instead of send, but I sometimes send in letters that do not make this publication. I will be careful to SEND this one. I know it's not the sarcasm I mentioned in the"about section" that keeps my comments out of this publication.

Of all the things that the Borough Assembly, City Council, and School Board decide to become frugal stewards of in this town's budget , they collectively decide to make the safety of our students a bargaining chip in some sort of misguided turf war,

I'M NOT PAYING IF THOSE DARN OTHER GUYS DON'T PAY" What kind of logic is that? I expect more out of you guys (elected officials all of you) of all the ridiculous spending your collective elected boards implement, this is one budget item that should not be an option. Ketchikan is running rampant with drugs, suicide and we lead the nation in dropouts in Alaska and Ketchikan does not fair any better than the national average in that regard. It is a very serious problem, and an officer in the schools, on whatever level of prevention in any of these categories this officer can help in, is worth the money.

New berths, promenades, library discussions and unused plans for that library, veneer mill, non profits galore, new pool for goodness sakes, it goes on and on. The spending is obscene.

Just imagine that the students -- I think we should protect, -- will be the future adults enjoying a play put on by First City Players, or attending a function put on by the Arts Council, or receiving services from Community Connections, or swimming in our new opulent pool, or strolling down our fabulous promenade, maybe they will work in that fantastic new veneer mill (oops sarcasm slipped). Just imagine these students are those adults who we hope will stay in this community, and maybe then your collective boards will deem our students worthy of your collective wisdom and deserve to be in the budget we provide.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Lifelong Ketchikan resident, sometimes sarcastic in my comments, but how could I not be in some situations?"

Received December , 2009 - Published December 30, 2009


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