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Pay raises and other things
By A.M.Johnson


December 30, 2009
Wednesday PM

Editor, Sitnews

Seems a nerve was stuck!! If Mr. Kling were to once again read the piece on pay raises and other things it will become clearer for him and other like thinking souls.

"Yes, the basis of COLA rules dictated no increase to SS this year. Yet, Congress voted themselves a healthy pay raise in spite of the zero cost of living increasing. While the names given below are Democrat. Senator Begich and our Republicans Sen. Murkowski and Representative Young willingly accepted the pay increases."

It clearly stated that the "Basis of COLA rules dictated no increase for SS this year." It did not reference Congress for that result. It referenced the Basis (Formula).

Congress as a whole, accepted an annual pay increase based on what if not a preconceived inflationary cost of living. Okay for the elite Congress, not okay for the common man. Should we not all share in the common pain? Should not that pain include Congress being included in any National Health Care outcome? Congress should not but are exempting themselves from shared pain?

Perhaps the information and relationship of a COLA increase or lack there of, to the seemingly automatic pay increase to Congressional members to adjust for inflation, which the COLA formula indicated not justified for 2009/10, or Congress exempting themselves from being forced into a National Health Care plan is not the threshold of knowledge Mr. Kling wishes you and I to ponder. That FOX is given the credit by Mr. Kling for my acquiring this data leads to the obvious question. If not FOX which is an assumption on Mr. Kling's part, who in the MSM gives us meaningful information (facts)?


Ketchikan, AK

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Received December 30, 2009 - Published December 30, 2009


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