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RE: Speak up (O.K.)
By James J. Schenk


December 29, 2009

Thank you Chaz Edwardson for your intelligent response to a problem that may face a lot of people soon. The loss of any job in a community such as Ketchikan is a tragedy, believe me I know.

Union or not the loss of any jobs in Ketchikan that may be avoidable, should be a top priority of any and all elected officials, that includes Union officials.

Unfortunate times have hurt many families all across our great country, and they are now scratching at our town door. How we answer these economic hardships by protecting our own -- which is by the way a Union ideal, "Brotherhood is always on top" -- should determine if we are able to survive as a town or a Borough.

In the 1950's some very strong union minded people decided they would make this town their home. They built the Mill and the infrastructure of our town with their Union training and Union wages, they had jobs that paid them well with benefits, that insured they could retire some day, and had health care benefits that helped them live long enough to enjoy the retirement they invested in.

Some of these great people are still here with us today in this town, their town, our town. Let's keep our town alive, let's keep people in our town employed, at well paying Union jobs that do nothing more than build this town.

When someone makes a living wage, and does not have to worry about health care or getting to old to work, they are most times Union career people. When freed of these worries these people progress in life they prosper and build things like our little town.

I want to see this town prosper, I want to see happy people on our streets, but for that to happen we must always add to a community and never take away that which others have worked so hard to build. I have to leave this town to work at a Union job as a proud I.B.E.W. wireman, I don't like to leave my home to work, but I do bring back my Union dollars and Union benefits to spend in our town, with our Doctors, our Dentists, our K.P.U. employees, our stores.

This is our town and the non- Union represented Management of K.P.U. needs to pull themselves together and realize we -- Union people -- don't need them, they can be replaced with people more qualified easily these days in this economy. And that is something we all need to tell them, add to our home, don't take away, or you yourself may find yourself in the unemployment lines of the lower 48.

And as for the I.B.E.W., we have served you and our country for over 100 years building America. We are not going away. We as well as everyone in this country are having to look at what works and how do we keep things moving ahead for all working people!

Thanks again Chaz you are the best my friend!

James J. Schenk
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I.B.E.W. Wireman"

Received December 27, 2009 - Published December 29, 2009


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