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Open Letter to Sen. Begich
By Rodney Dial


December 23, 2009

Dear Senator Begich, I am writing you in this forum because you seem unwilling to respond to those who question your support of the health care reform bills. My question for you is this: Since you support the Senate Health Care Reform plan, which is designed to comply with the President's mandate that the reform be "deficit neutral" (if that is even possible), can we expect you to stand by ALL elements of this bill? Specifically, this legislation requires congress to cut Medicare by $480 Billion over the next ten years.

My strong concern is that you are supporting this legislation because you have been told to by the Democratic leadership in Washington. Further, that after this bill is passed you will flip-fop at some later date and oppose the cuts to Medicare that this legislation depends on, claiming that this will disproportionately effect Alaska (as we all know it will).

Essentially Sir, you need to "own" your vote. If you are going to disregard the overwhelming will of Alaskans in this matter, then don't expect to "sell us" on your future epiphany that the cuts you are voting for now, suddenly become bad in the future.

Perhaps you should remember the pledge you made during your campaign: A Senator as Independent as Alaska , stop listening to Washington and start listening to Alaskans.

Rodney Dial
Ketchikan, AK


Received December 22, 2009 - Published December 23, 2009


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