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Puppy scams
By Kathy Brendible


December 23, 2009

I read the BBB article on puppy scams and I was also a part of that. After reading the article it sounds exactly like what happened to me just last Christmas. I also thought I was buying a bull dog from a breeder, but the exact same thing happened . They said to send money by Western Union and I did . They said that the puppy was going to be shipped and it never showed and I never got any information on the shipping.

I was 30 minutes too late to cancel my Western Union transfer, I was just sickened. I contacted the New Jersey State Police, Western Union, Better Business Bureau, Indiana State Police, The web site was also supposed to have been shut down, after I contacted the people and to no avail did I get any where with trying to locate the scammers.

I understand now that I made a bad choice, now I only look for puppies on a puppy find website where it is monitored and you have legit people out there.

Sorry to hear about the other family I know how they feel. But like I said, I got no where in my conquest to find them.

Kathy Brendible

Received December 16, 2009 - Published December 23, 2009


TWO DOGGONE SCAMS TARGET PET LOVERS; Puppy Scams Affect Pet Buyers and Sellers - "Puppy scams" are affecting those looking to buy a new puppy and breeders wanting to sell their cherished lines.- More...
Monday - December 14, 2009


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