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City Council Community Agency Funding
By Kathleen Light


December 15, 2009
Tuesday AM

Dear Arts Supporters ­

Last Thursday night the City Council decided to cut funding to the community agencies by 50% (except the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau). That, of course, includes the Arts Council.

This decision is not final, they have two more meetings in which to change their minds and choose to support the organizations that support your community ­ Dec. 15th and Dec. 17th. At this point it is imperative to apply pressure on the Council members. This means phone calls and personal conversations. When you see a Council member in the grocery store ask them what they thought of the letter you sent them. Begin a dialogue about what cuts to the community agencies will mean for you. Call them on the phone, have coffee with them. Help them to understand!

Don't let the City Council think the community agencies are not essential to Ketchikan!

Remember ­ to fully fund the community agencies at the current level ­ the City will be spending 0.3% of their overall budget. Let me say that again, if the City funds the community agencies at the same level as last year, they will be spending LESS than half of one percent of their budget. One more time ­ if the City spends the same amount in 2010 as it did in 2009 to the community agencies they will be spending $440,000 of their $154,961,381 budget.

In other words, by cutting the community agencies by 50% they will be cutting $240,000 from their overall budget.

Now, think about what these agencies give to your community for the amount of funding they receive, and the benefit to the economy and quality of life they represent.

Can you afford to let your City Council make this mistake?

Kathleen Light
Ketchikan, AK

About: Executive Director Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council


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Mayor and City Council

Received December 11, 2009 - Published December 15, 2009


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