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Ward Cove Worries
By Robert McRoberts


December 10, 2009

Well it's been a time since I wrote but I want to get some concerns I have out on the table, I will try to make it to the planning meeting. I seem to feel the planning committee has not been looking at what is happening on the north end of town. Over the last few years the south end of town has made some rather large clean up of sewer in our neighborhoods. Now it's time to start getting the north end cleaned up. There are yards out there that stink of sewer water. Their pets roll in the water and then bring the stuff back into their homes. Some people don't have the money to pay for water deliveries and draw water out of nearby streams with their house up stream.It has now gotten to where we are going to be forced to put in sewer lines out that way. But where will it all go?

Ward cove is a great place for a sewer plant. Big tanks are all there. I am sure Loggerville will not want it there but it's worth more for a plant. That leads me to this -- how is there any way to break up that property and supply some sort of treatment industry to contain and treat waste water? You need some sort of gas & oil separators for storm drains. These all need to be thought and planed in to all lots -- not just water front. In today's world, a car repair shop is required to have them in their storage lots. As the government, you can't get away with not following the same rules as private developers. To think you are just going to draw lines on some 1 acre lots and not clean them up expecting the new owners to take the responsibility of removing the rest of the mill.really seems to be way less appealing. Some lots may take a million bucks to develop.

I know nothing about the company that wants to start a recycle plant. If we don't totally look in to this we are foolish -- look around the world where is the trash all going? You tell me how it's cheaper to take a truck load of sand and make glass than it is to just take the glass and turn it into sand. How many cans do they get out of a truck load of ore? Look at all the copper wires running through your life in all the cheap garbage you buy from China and the plastic melted in to boats. Look at the other opportunities to build things out of our products that you throw out in the trash.When you wonder why it not a big thing elsewhere, you do not see it because there are not very many properties that have a place they can bring in barge loads of trash from all of Alaska and Canada to make a product, and keep a green out look. Heck, they all are trying to push us to build green. not much greener than building homes out of wood, but I digress. At this point in time, if the world believes it's man's fault, we are still coming out of an ice age. It appears to me a recycle plant is just what we need to do. I just do not see us getting to log trees out of the forest. I just feel we might look into that a lot more.

Well it's been good to opine to all who reads this stuff. I have found many friends over the years have enjoyed my thoughts.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK

About: Almost 40 yrs as an owner of a small business -- trying to hold on to my property and survive.

Received December 06, 2009 - Published December 10, 2009


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