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Prison in Ward Cove
By Kara Steele


December 10, 2009

I think a prison in Ward Cove is a great idea! Look at Spring Creek prison in Seward - farther south, look at Walla Walla Washington. Both have each, huge prisons housing some of the worst offenders.

If we keep our prisoners HERE, in Alaska, that is more revenue for us. Instead of farming out our prisoners to Arizona, Washington and across the states, wouldn't it make more sense to keep them here?

Ketchikan is BADLY needing revenue other than tourism. It won't be there forever folks. This year was disasterous for Alaska statewide regarding tourism. Wouldn't it be nice to actually HAVE an industry of some sort again? I think the town would benefit SO much in so many areas with the revenue of a prison.

Lets face it, Ward Cove is a pretty good area. Not like it's being used much! Anyways, I hope to see this coming soon. I think it's a great idea. Happy Holidays all.....


Kara Steele
Kenai, AK


Received December 02, 2009 - Published December 10, 2009


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