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School Police Officer
By Kara McElroy Steele


December 10, 2009

Just a quick comment for the issue of having a police officer in Ketchikan High School. As a graduate of Kayhi in the 80's, it takes only a minute or less to see how our lives have changed over the years. The drugs are worse, kids are taking guns and knives to school, or in the latest case up here in Anchorage....a father looked into his high school son's back pack and found home made pipe bombs. Who took care of it? The on site police officer and the Dad.

Since our move to Kenai, one thing was quickly noticed. In the high school, they had an officer when my kids were attending school. Most Anchorage schools are putting in metal detectors to assist the police because its getting so crazy. If anything, look at it as a positive force against so much of the negative affecting our children every day at school. When we went to school, our fears were a little different. If you were a fighter, you had your typical school fights.... getting busted smoking cigarrettes, being late for class, or whatever...we had enough respect for our parents, that most thought twice before flat out disobeying the law.

The presence of an officer as school is preperation for LIFE. I'm sure there are enough people out there who remember the old "smoking area" at the school? I remember as a Freshman it was off the back entrance by Mr. Jimdar's art class. Later, it was moved to a squared off spot around the humanities area. Finally, sometime before I graduated, it was finally realized it was a DUMB idea and yanked the area all together. I tell my kids about that and they are like "What the hell?" Times have changed....period. To offer your kids more safety at school (when that should NEVER be an issue) officer can help out so much. Kids feel safer talking to them. Stop putting the blinders on and realize times have changed from "back in the day"...our kids are NOT the same as we were...


Kara McElroy Steele
Kenai, AK

About: "40 yrs as an Alaskan, most of my youth and adulthood spent in Ketchikan until 1997 when we moved away."

Received December 02, 2009 - Published December 10, 2009


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